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For those who wⓐnder in music, faith, culture, and everything in between
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Fallstar - BlackSheep

Chris Ratzlaff: Fallstar

Cullen and Mason chat with Chris Ratzlaff, the frontman for Fallstar. They chat about Fallstar’s new album, their complex record label history, and much more. Listen to the podcast...

Zao - BlackSheep

Dan Weyandt and Jeff Gretz: Zao

Cullen and Mason chat with the legendary metalcore band Zao. They talk about their history, their new album, and much more. Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Spreaker, and...

Suzi Quatro - The BlackSheep Podcast

Suzi Quatro

Cullen and Mason chat with the massively influential rock artist Suzi Quatro. We chat about her new album, her 57-year old legacy, and even her ghost friend, Richard. Check...

Seth Roberts - Watashi Wa - BlackSheep Podcast

Seth Roberts: Watashi Wa

Cullen and Mason chat with Seth Roberts, the frontman for Watashi Wa. We chat about Watashi Wa’s history, being on Tooth & Nail Records, and their upcoming album. Listen...

Mae - The BlackSheep Podcast

Dave Elkins and Zach Gehring: Mae

Cullen and Mason chat with Dave Elkins and Zach Gehring from Mae. The two hosts chat about Mae’s history, their future plans, and what music inspires them. You can...

Tommi Holappa - BlackSheep Podcast

Tommi Holappa: Greenleaf

Cullen and Mason chat with Tommi Holappa, guitarist for Swedish stoner rock band Greenleaf. We chat about Greenleaf’s upcoming album, their musical influences, and why Swedes love coffee so...

mewithoutYou - BlackSheep

Greg Jehanian: mewithoutYou

Cullen and Mason chat with Greg Jehanian, the bassist of the legendary indie band mewithoutYou. We chat about mewithoutYou’s history, the evolution of Greg’s faith, and the band’s future...

Seth Hecox - BlackSheep Podcast

Seth Hecox: Becoming the Archetype

Mason chats with Seth Hecox, guitarist for the legendary Christian heavy metal band Becoming the Archetype. We chat about Becoming the Archetype’s history, how Hecox’s faith has changed over...

The Drowned God - BlackSheep Podcast

Cody Golob and Brandon Baun: The Drowned God

Mason and Cullen chat with Cody Colob and Brandon Baun from The Drowned God. We chat about their new album coming out soon, the inspiration behind their music, and...

Reese Roper of Five Iron Frenzy - The BlackSheep Podcast

Reese Roper: Five Iron Frenzy

Cullen and Mason chat with Reese Roper, the lead singer of the massively influential Christian ska band, Five Iron Frenzy. We talk about Five Iron Frenzy’s new album, why...

David Sitting of Impending Doom - BlackSheep Podcast

David Sittig: Impending Doom

Cullen and Mason chat with David Sittig, bassist of Impending Doom. We chat about Impending Doom’s legacy in heavy metal music, their history, and the band’s upcoming album. For...

Young Mountain - BlackSheep Podcast

Young Mountain

Cullen and Mason chat with the band members of Young Mountain, an up-and-coming Swedish hardcore band. We talk about the European heavy music scene, the band’s upcoming album, and...

Age of the Abstract and Jelani, BlackSheep Podcast

Age of the Abstract and Jelani

Cullen and Mason chat with two up and coming artists: Julio Arias from Age of the Abstract and Jelani. We chat about the long process of creating Age of...

The Oh Hellos - The BlackSheep Podcast

Maggie Heath and Tyler Heath: The Oh Hellos

For the first episode of 2021, Cullen and Mason chat with Maggie Heath and Tyler Heath from the popular folk band The Oh Hellos. We chat about the history...

The BlackSheep's Top 5 Albums of 2020

The BlackSheep’s Top 5 Albums of 2020

Cullen and Mason chat about their Top 5 favorite albums of 2020. Will your favorite artist make an appearance on their list? Episode Timestamps Cullen’s No. 5 album of...

Justin Hieb - Weathered - BlackSheep Podcast

Justin Hieb: Weathered

Cullen and Mason chat with Justin Hieb, lead vocalist and guitarist for Weathered. We talk all about their new album, what it’s like to be one of the few...

Ryan David Menghini and Heliocentric

Ryan David Menghini and Heliocentric

Cullen and Mason chat with two up-and-coming artists, Ryan David Menghini and Jared Smith from Heliocentric. We chat about Menghini’s emo influences and his upcoming album and how Heliocentric...

Imani Givertz BlackSheep

Imani Givertz: Photographing the Hardcore Music Scene

Cullen and Mason chat with Imani Givertz, who is a renowned photographer. She has photographed many bands, including Silent Planet, Comrades, and many more. Check out Imani’s artwork here:...

Sonny Sandoval BlackSheep

Sonny Sandoval: P.O.D.

Cullen and Mason chat with Sonny Sandoval from the hugely influential alternative band P.O.D. We talk about P.O.D.’s legacy, how they got Katy Perry to record a song with...

Craig Mabbitt - Escape the Fate - BlackSheep

Craig Mabbitt: Escape the Fate

Cullen and Mason chat with Craig Mabbitt, the lead vocalist of Escape the Fate. They chat about Escape the Fate’s upcoming album, Craig’s sobriety, what Star Wars character he...