About Nao Lewandowski

Nao is a St. Louis native, adopted into the heart of Memphis for the love of music. After graduating from Visible Music College with a songwriting degree, she pursued every part of the industry that she could. Nao works as a publicity assistant at a boutique public relations firm for local musicians, and is excited to begin teaching songwriting at Visible in the fall. She is also pursuing a master of arts in cultural apologetics from Houston Baptist University. When she is not teaching, writing, or working behind the scenes for live music events, Nao can be found on stage with her post-hardcore band, You The Few. Over the last three years she has fronted the band through three records, a regional tour and many local shows. While performing heavy music is a massive piece of Nao’s heart, writing about it lights a totally separate fire. She has only just begun, but looks forward to learning and growing endlessly in craft and passion.

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