Various Artists
The Mother Of All Tribute Albums
1998, HM Records

15 Artists, each covering the artist/song of their choice.

Tracks are as follows:
1. “Dogman” (Tourniquet); 2. “I Will Follow” (Doug Pinnick); 3. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (Echo Hollow); 4. “Song To My Parents” (Spy Glass Blue); 5. “Hold Me Jesus” (Reflescent Tide); 6. “Do It For Love” (Justin Fox); 7. “2112 Overture” (Paul Roraback); 8. “Loud ‘N’ Clear” (Crimson Thorn); 9. “C’mon Rock” (Guardian); 10. “God Is Bigger” (The Channelsurfers); 11. “Message In A Bottle” (Blackball); 12. “Water Grave” (Atomic Opera); 13. “Cosmic Cowboy” (One Bad Pig); 14. “It’s All Too Much” (The Violet Burning); 15. “Jesus Freak” (Larry Norman).

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The Industrial Revolution

Italian creative Giovanni Bucci, otherwise known as ODDKO, has spent a professional career pushing the limits of some of the world's largest brands. HM contributor Andrew Voigt talks with the man behind the curtain to find out what it looks like when he pushes the limits of his own creativity.


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