Immediately after the release of Images & Words the members of Queensryche entered the studio and recorded Operation Mimeslime, the masters of which were lost … until now. I’m just kidding, of course, but this band known simply as Jeremy could be the prog-metal fulfillment of such a dream. Guitars and vocals shred and dance around in a compelling and creative ensemble that demands a listen. While not everyone can play solos and wail away on their instruments, it can get boring if there’s no melodic payoff and not many pairs of ears want to put up with a mediocre vocalist. There’s nothing but smoothness and pleasantness dripping from the vocals of Mo Jung-Gil. This band is just the complete package … and they have quite the extensive catalog on the Evolution Music label in Korea.  (Doug Van Pelt)

The Dream The Chase
Ahh… Intense melodic screamo can be such a breath of fresh air when you’ve been listening to too much mellow music. These guys attack in the vein of TDWP but have the sweet vocals of an Emery or RJSA. While these references might point you in the right direction, don’t think “copycat,” because The Dream The Chase is onto something fresh … and great.

Nathan Lee
Fabulous! Soulful in a Springsteenish way. High-quality songs, textures.

Levi The Poet
This recording of street-level poetry is loud and furiously mixed with emotion and the occasional sound effect, but it’s the subject matter that slaps you in the face. When he delivers his post-suicide goodbye in “When I Go To Meet God” it’s easy to feel the pain his loved ones would’ve felt if he had done it, just like his doubtful lines ring of authenticity.

The Awakening
Frontman/vocalist Asthon Nyte is one of those dark and doomy artists that adroitly understands the importance of both pop melodies & power chords. RIYL: MM, HIM, Type O. Tales of Absolution & Obsoletion is his latest band effort from this recently transplanted-to-America South African.

Misery Chastain
Remember Mortal Treason? This speed/black/death/hardcore metal hybrid is Seth Kimbrough’s new musical incarnation. Dynamic and full of sweeping crescendos – without resorting to washes of keyboards. And lots of blast beats.

Future Is Tomorrow
This Italian prog metal band attacks their instruments in a way that creates a great dynamic when they ease off the throttle and let their vocalist (Max) soar like a hawk above the layers of sound. A shredder’s delight.

Ives The Band
Albuquerque, NM should be proud of this creative quartet, who have crafted a story/concept album called The Incredible Story of Mr. Birch, which runs the gamut from dancing piano keys to romping post-hardcore rock. Imagine Thrice in one of its experimental moods. I know what you’re thinking, though: ‘A concept album?! Those are always boring!’ Not so here, with compelling melodies woven through song after song. It could very well be a normal “disconnected-from-one-song-to-the-next” album and stand on its own that way, too.

Jason Truby has branched out beyond instrumental noodling on his new CD, Entropy, to contemplative, mid-tempo modern rock. His voice is exceptional … and with help from musicians like Lance Garvin and Barry Poynter, you can bet that the band backs him up with a solid foundation.

Pounding drums, thick, chunky riffs and melodic hooks flank this tight hard-rockin’ band in the vein of Red, Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin.

Anderson Cale
Stunningly beautiful instrumental music – a distraction from distraction. Super chill and produced with excellence.


Atreyu- 2021

Atreyu's Baptism

At their core, Atreyu is a hard rock band with metal riffs and pop choruses. Now, after more than 20 years, the band has stepped boldly into their next chapter with a change in lineup and an album that proves the lifeblood of Atreyu is stronger than ever.


Photo by Ashley Osborn

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Heaven's Metal: An Oral History of the Genesis of Christian Metal

Heaven's Metal

When rock emerged from blues and 'heavy metal' began to surface, faith-based metal acts also rose to start their own journeys. Initially shunned by both believers and non-believers, they were fighting for their spot at the table, ultimately building a legacy that would go on to change the genre forever. HM presents an oral history of the beginning of Christian metal music, featuring Guardian, Tourniquet, Holy Soldier, Whitecross, and, of course, Stryper.


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Imperial Triumphant - 2021

Alphaville’s Metal Renaissance

With influences that span Miles Davis and Stravinsky to Geddy Lee and Les Claypool, jazz metal force Imperial Triumphant is the epitome of genre-bending. HM contributing writer Andrew Voigt spoke with the band about their unique style, the massive bass presence in their music, and the rise and fall of civilization.


Photo by Alex Krauss

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