Black metal masters Skald In Veum and HM are proud to premiere the new lyric video for “Inferno,” the first single from the band’s upcoming EP, 1260 Days. The release drops on Oct. 30 from Rottweiler Records and SkyBurnsBlack Records.

Vocalist Mund spoke with HM about the track:

“Heth read Divina commedia by Dante Allegieri (1265-1321) and got inspirerd by the rich imagery and its description of the human soul in this literary classic for the ages. We turned to Karl Walfridsson in Pantokrator for a hellish visualisation of the music and the lyrics as a whole.”

The new six-track effort from the Scandinavian outfit is available for preorder on iTunes with two immediate grat tracks, one of which is “Inferno.”


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