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The Exorcism of Papa Roach

Vocalist Jacoby Shaddix shares an intimate portrait of his life as an addict and how he fearlessly rebounded to write one of the most genuine albums of his life. And he did it all sober.

Tear Out the Heart's Triumph Over Death

Tear Out the Heart's Tyler Konersman writes the record of his suffering before it befalls him. Read his stunning interview with Managing Editor Collin Simula about the lead singer's walk alongside a deathly sentence

Scared Vindless

Genre films and Cormac McCarthy novels from the new prince of Horrorcore, Nim Vind

Executive Advice

If you ever needed a shot in the arm, world-renown Music Supervisor P.J. Bloom is going to give it to you. Under his direction, his Soundtracks have sold 50 million singles and 15 million albums. His work with his new record label, Black Magnetic, have his artists topping Billboad -- and coveted Google search -- charts. Start your 2015 off right with some solid advice from one of the best in the industry.

Under the Influence

Anthony Green, the frontman and staff member of Circa Survive, Saosin, et. al., takes his new life sober on the road.

The Final Interview

On their final tour, Anberlin has a career to be envied, capping their farewell album with sold out shows at Warped Tour and headlining. Jameson Ketchum meets with singer Stephen Christian to talk about his expansive career. Anberlin is dead. Long live Anberlin!

The Next Chapter

Levi the Poet's first foray into fiction


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