Note: This post is written from an editorial perspective and is subjective to the author.

Today, HM is premiering the new lyric video from The Order of Elijah, the eponymous track from their latest album, War at Heart. Recently, vocalist Shannon Low made a post on the band’s Facebook page revealing his lack of belief in the conventional “God” that defines Christianity (the post is embedded below). He spoke to HM about how those feelings came into play when writing this track.

“This is somewhat of an anthem for the War at Heart album. It was written shortly after completely shedding Christianity, and (the song is) centered around the revelation I found in proper, skeptical research.”

I consider Low a friend, and he has always been supportive of this magazine, regardless of belief. I wrote him as soon as he revealed his thoughts publicly and I stated very specifically that it would in no way change whether or not we would premiere this lyric video. I told him I loved him no matter what. If your first reaction to anyone’s opinions or beliefs isn’t love, it should probably be a gut check.

If you are believer, in no way should this song and/or its content change your belief, and it sure wouldn’t effect the presence of an omnipotent God. If anything, listening to the opinions and beliefs of others is not only a great way to show your love and appreciation for another human, but it always presents another opportunity to examine your own beliefs.


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