Red has teamed up with HM Magazine to bring you “Release the Panic (Recalibrated)” from the band’s upcoming remix album of the same name. The seven-track album marks the release of one new song, “Run and Escape,” followed by six remixes of song’s from the band’s 2013 hit, Release the Panic. Other tracks to get the remix treatment include “Glass House,” “As You Go,”

Red guitarist Anthony Armstrong spoke with HM about the manner in which the band approached recreating their songs:

It’s always interesting to revisit songs you’ve written. Songs are never finished; they are only abandoned. We revisited these songs with our minds set on, “‘What if’ we try this? Where would it take these songs?” It’s always fun to see a song transform and take on a new life, and that’s exactly what this record is about: What if?

There are no preorders, but Release the Panic (Recalibrated) will be officially available April 29.

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