Tulsa, OK band City Never Sleeps is premiering their new music video for “One Eighty” today on HM. The self-described “easycore” band (think pop-punk with a metalcore heart) has previously released an EP, From the Start, and the band is currently working on their sophomore release, to be out in 2016 from Full Force Records. “I think it’s a huge step up from anything else we’ve done,” vocalist Chase Lowe told HM. “Same style, just in a different way, I guess you could say.”

Speaking about the track directly, Lowe had this to say:

“‘One Eighty’ is one of the most honest and personal songs I’ve written for the band so far. I sat down with the idea to have a really positive and upbeat melody while having a more melancholy feeling to the lyrics. This song is about losing someone who is close to you — not in a dying sense, but more of a falling out. If someone wrongs you, it’s easy to blame them for everything that has happened, but then when you’re awake at 4 a.m. and the thoughts start racing, you realize you are equally at fault. If a relationship means something to you, whether it be a friendship, family or a significant other, then you should make it a priority to make that person feel wanted before it’s too late.”


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