The new Ajalon CD is now available from ProgRock Records. You can hear audio samples and order at http://www.progrockrecords.com/shop/view.php?id=202 CD’s are shipping now!!
Ajalon will be performing a song from the new CD on October 17th at the Mix Lounge in Seattle as guests of the acclaimed Parallels the music of Yes tribute! See our myspace for details.

This Good Place marks a huge step forward for Ajalon. This is a CD that will feature some great musical moments as well as stellar performances from both the band and some awesome guest players such as Paul Bielatowicz and Fred Schendal to name just a couple. Listeners will find this a much more allegorical album lyrically than the first two releases. The thematic concept on this CD addresses the depravity and selfishness of the human condition and how it has lead to the downfall of our character. But the story is undergirded with the concept that it is never too late to turn from those ways to find something greater within ourselves that ultimately leads us to This Good Place! The CD will feature 7 tracks with a running time of approximately 60 minutes. There is one instrumental track on the CD and one epic song about 20 minutes in length. Much of the album features brand new material developed over the last three years. There are also a few previously unreleased classic Ajalon songs that have been reworked and newly recorded, mixed in as well. This is a very different sounding album that finds its’ place in the current mainstream of Progressive Rock music while maintaining some of that trademark Ajalon sound. We have created a MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/ajalonband and there are clips from every track on the new CD for you to check out.

Ajalon is still:
Wil Henderson – Vocals and other assorted instrumentation
Randy George – Bass, Guitar, Bodhran and Keyboards
Dan Lile – Drums and Percussion
Paul Bielatowicz (Be-ella-tovich) – Unbelievable guitar solos
Fred Schendal – Keyboards
Rick Altizer – Vocals
Robyn Dawn – Vocals
Jonathan Sindleman – Keyboards
Alan Genatossio – Slide Guitar
Track Listing
1. Love Is A Dream 7:17
2. Nickels and Dimes, Marbles and Stones 4:53
3. Not Man 6:43
4. Abstract Malady 6:45
5. Lullaby Of Bedlam 8:40
6. Redemption 19:07
7. This Good Place 6:10


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