Killing Jesus

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The Guts of Sworn In

Not much of a talker, Sworn in vocalist Tyler Dennen steps out to talk about the band’s drastic new approach to songwriting on their two-sided album, the lovers/the devil, and what song most resonates with him among the many stories he tells on the album

Do you believe in second chances?

Full Devil Jacket roars back after over a decade off. Vocalist Josh Brown speak with Editor David Stagg about his nine lives

Hotel Books, Chapter Two

Originally the brainchild and solo venture for Cam Smith, a vocalist, slam-poet and spoken wordsmith, he put together a band for live performances and turned out a successful debut offering, I’m Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel at Home. Now, back with Run Wild, Young Beauty, the band is poised with experience and continuing to captivate audiences live. Smith talks with HM staff writer Sarah Dos Santos about Hotel Books’ place in the universe

Performance Standouts

Cancer Bats stakes claim on Austin with no frills live show

Most of the time, especially when no one’s looking, we’re all awesome. Except when the lights come on and an otherwise well put together show immediately disintegrates into chaos. This month, Digital Tour Bus reports on exactly those times

Shattered Dreams

Texas metalheads with dreams of shredding and glory? Shattered Sun can wake up now. It’s happening. HM’s Ben Rickaby gets with vocalist Marcos Leal to talk about the important things in life: Texas and barbecue

Hitting the Restart Button

Torche has one sole purpose: Pursue happiness. It’s what keeps their band together and it is public advice they don’t mind sharing. Here’s another bit: Stop destroying what we have left. No one really wants to restart.


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