Hottest Names in Metal

The Butcher Babies are the hottest thing in metal, and for once it’s not about their gender. David Stagg sets out to discover more about the one-two-punch of Butcher Babies’ frontwomen, a duo who just so happen to love wearing spikes, drinking beer and raising hell

Photo by Brooke Long

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A Second Decade of Crime

The Classic Crime makes a comeback , surpassing their crowdfunding goal by over 300 percent. The band is releasing the album through Bad Christian, and they’re coming to a computer near you.

The Future Echoes

Two decades in a band is unheard of, and vocalist and founding member Andrew Schwab and his Project 86 cohorts show now signs of stopping.

A Symbol of Art

Justin Symbol is a self-proclaimed embodiment of Yin and Yang, and his debut album, 'Voidhead,' shows off his dark side. It doesn't mean all hope is lost


There’s a ‘G’ everywhere these days. Every show I go to, I see the bold mark, stark white on Black vinyl windbreakers. Online, the hashtag is unabashedly local: #GideonAL. Roll tide.

Third time’s a charm

Just ask frontman Kevin Young, the only remaining member of the first iteration of Disciple. But now, on the third go ‘round, he may have found the best combination yet.

For the glory of the King

Vocalist Ryan Kirby opens up about the band’s sophomore effort, ‘slave to nothing,’ their Warped Tour experience and the outpouring of love fans have shown for his wedding

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Voice of the Voiceless

For Today's Mattie Montgomery and Remedy Drive's David Zach have committed albums to fight the silence of the voiceless. Editor David Stagg leads them in a roundtable discussion of Zach's undercover work overseas, Montgomery's mission Stateside and how you can help combat human trafficking starting immediately.


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