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In a scene with world-class bands like Crowded House, Mercy Me and Third Day, it’s hard for a band to really stand out. Unspoken’s new EP, The World is Waking, does this by adding exciting new elements to otherwise familiar Christian Contemporary (CCM) styles. The band combines a melody of techniques on this album that make it a fresh release in a relatively predictable genre.

The first thing to note is that The World is Waking is a slow album, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking. As the CCM target is writing catchy music to accentuates the powerful meaning behind the lyrics, Unspoken really does hit the mark. The vocal performance on this record is impressive, and though Chad Mattson’s vocals may be a little similar to that of Sanctus Real’s front man Matt Hammitt, his performance is full of soul, and you can hear his true belief in what he sings. Musically, Unspoken has brought a fresh take on an old genre to the table; for example, “Bury the Workmen” takes the CCM style and makes it Unspoken’s own by injecting it with their soul-saturated, bluesy infusions.

Though it may be a little slow for those who enjoy the harder stuff, they’re not the target audience for this release. Ultimately, it provides something to listen to in the car or around the house, and you wouldn’t have to worry if your children were listening. If you like Sanctus Real, Casting Crowns or the David Crowder Band, this album is well worth picking up.


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