Toy Company Releases 3D Augmented Reality Mobile Technology

Popar® Toys to debut application suite compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devises at the International Licensing Show

Popar Toys, a division of Digital Tech Frontier, LLC a technology leader for more than fifteen years, announced the release of augmented reality applications that are compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devises. The company, that was first to market this affordable augmented reality technology in the United States, debuted these applications at the International Licensing Show.

“Our new platform greatly expand our capabilities as a tech thought-leader,” explains Scott Jochim, President of Popar Toys. “As a kid I grew up loving comic books and always wished the books would come to life similar to the movies. Hence the concept of Popar was born. Imagine taking this even further into your phone, computer or iPad. It is as easy as opening a paper book and trucks, bugs and construction vehicles come to life – 3D style. The future of where books, magazines and text is going is here now.”

Popar Toys bridges the gap between digital technologies such as video games and traditional reading formats. The technology transforms the way that children engage with the world around them with a book, a webcam, and special black and white markers.

The technology companies’ entire line of toys is based on Augmented Reality and its capabilities. The animations and interactivity are on every single page, as opposed to select pages. In addition, the technology allows a kid to turn into their favorite character, and give you the option to create your own videos or pictures to share with your friends and family using our technology.

“We found a way to market technology that is as good as the theme parks, and the tech labs. That is the power of what a mobile phone can do.” Jochim said. “We want to pop our magazines, pop our postcards, pop our trading cards. We want to be that real content producer. We want to be the “popar” of media. The current technology allows a princess come to life in the middle of the room or planetary solar system by using the power of an iPhone, or iPad or computer.”

The team at Digital Tech Frontier is constantly working to develop new products. Toys that are in the current product line include:

· The Popar® Starter Kit: Bugs 3D, Planets 3D, Princess & Her Pals 3D and Construction Machine 3D

Starter Kit Includes: (1) 3D 36 page illustrated hard bound book, (12) 3D Card’s®, (1) Reader USB web cam w/night vision, Interactive “i” Card, Popar 3D software  & “Be It” Costume Card.

· Popar® Cards Kit:

Bugs 3D Cards

Planets 3D Cards

Construction Machines 3D Cards

Princess & Her Pals 3D Cards

· Popar ® Hardware:

Reader USB Web Cam: Desktop style

Sunburst USB Web Cam:  Clip on style

· Numbers 1-10 3D, A-Z Alphabet 3D, Desert Animals 3D, Dinosaurs 3D and Farm  Animals 3D.

The groundbreaking concept uses a computer, a webcam, and special black and white patterned markers. The technology works on either a PC or a Mac-based computer and requires a webcam. Webcams do come for free with a purchase of a Popar® Book Starter Kit.


About Popar Toys

Popar® Toys use Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create an immersive learning experience that will allow the user to see printed pages come alive with incredible virtually “real” 3D objects and animations that will pop off a book or card. To learn more about Popar® Toys visit

About Digital Tech Frontier, LLC:

Founded in 1996 Phoenix-based Digital Tech Frontier, LLC (DTF) is an industry leader and pioneer in the custom design, development and delivery of virtual reality systems and simulators for the entertainment, training, medical and education markets. Visit us at



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