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The Ongoing Concept is a four-piece rock and roll band you want to hear first, so you can be the ones to tell your friends about them. Saloon is their first release, and it’s a blast; it’s a record you hope comes across your desk. The band sounds like they’re having fun with their craft, and it gives birth to an innovative spin on southern rock, metalcore and even ballads.

Their first single, “Cover Girl,” is personal statement for the band, attacking any complacency to be unoriginal, screaming out “Stop being a print of someone else’s painting.” It’s not just a band motto, it’s written for accountability, their fans and peers alike, holding them to their words.

And, so far, it’s working. The album blasts off with the title track “Saloon,” drunkenly stumbles through “You are the One,” and then sobers up to fight halfway through the same jam. It’s full of banjo, vaudeville and a Western storyline. It’s got elements of Southern rock, tinged with a little Panic! at the Disco and is all tied up together with a metalcore foundation. Highly recommended.