Grassroots Marketing Efforts Contributes to Opening Weekend Success

Inspirational Film to Expand In Additional Markets Around the Country

Spanish language film The Miracle of Marcelino recieved the highest per screen average this weekend as it opened in Norwalk, Calif. Presented by Gigapix Releasing and Movie to Movement, the film was released with English subtitles for the first time in the U.S. It was the grassroots marketing efforts targeting the Latin American community, that played a prominent role in making Marcelino a box office success.

“We are thrilled to see the positive response to Marcelino,” comments Chevonne O’Shaughnessy, Board Member of The O’Shaughnessy Foundation. “To see a Spanish-language film make this great of an impact is inspiring.  We are so thankful to have Gigapix Releasing distribute the film and for Movie to Movement’s marketing outreach. They have so much passion and truly believe in this film. They saw the power in the story and shared our vision to bring this type of inspirational family entertainment to the world.”

It was Gigapix Releasing and Movie to Movement’s faith in the film that attracted members of the community. Movie to Movement partnered with Guadelupe Radio and various parishes in the area to buy-out entire show times. The influencers in the area believe that the message of Marcelino will help bring families together and encourage positive conversations.

“I’m blown away by the positive response and support from the Catholic community,” says Geno Taylor from Gigapix Releasing. “Movie to Movement exceeded my expectations with their customized and highly effective grass roots marketing approach.”

Movie to Movement also sponsored three elementary schools to see the film: St. John of God School in NorwalkEphiphany Catholic School in  South El Monte and Our Lady of Victory  in Compton.Students in third grade and above were granted complimentary admission and saw the film with their classmates opening day.

“Movie to Movement is proud to be part of a film that celebrates faith and brings families together like The Miracle of Marcelino,” says Jason Jones, CEO and Founder of Movie to Movement and co-producer of Bella. “It’s been an honor to share this message with the Norwalk community and are excited for others to join us on this journey.”

Since the film was so well-recieved, it will continue to stay in theaters and will expand into other markets throughout the country over the next few weeks.

The Miracle of Marcelino stars Jorge Lavat, Alejandro Tomassi and Teresa Ruiz and tells the story of a young orphan boy (Marcelino) who is caught in the midst of Mexico’s revolution. His unwavering faith causes an unexpected miracle to occur.

The film  gained acclaim from the world renown Dove Foundation for its family friendly content.Last year, the captivating Spanish drama was presented at the 2011 Mirabile Dictu-International Catholic Film Festival where it took home the award for “Best Director” (Ladislao Vajda).

For more information on The Miracle of Marcelino and to watch the trailer, please visit


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