lastsleep (1944-1946)

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Silent Planet

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All new metalcore bands: listen to this EP. It is, hands down, one of the best five-song releases I’ve ever heard, a perfection of the metalcore genre. In fact, I haven’t heard anything like it since August Burns Red’s Messengers.

The Los Angeles-based band has put together five “stories,” as they call them, the stories of the survivors and civilians involved in the atomic Japanese detonations at the end of World War II.

The inventive songwriting is a game-changer. Their heavy, progressive brand of metalcore can be mid-groove before abolishing the meter and taking you for a two-measure ride.

The most impressive thing may actually be the songwriting restraint the band shows in their two instrumental tracks. Because of their placement and flow, the five-song EP plays like a day on a battlefield, starting with the battle before settling down into the eerie calm and quiet of the records’ incredibly composed and simultaneously restrained instrumental tracks. Silent Planet is an HM Band to Watch in 2014.