After 12 years of being a band, 5 years and 4 albums on a giant record label and 8 years of international touring, Showbread has withdrawn from one of the most basic principles of the music industry: make music to make money.

Showbread has partnered with Come&Live! (an organization that works to equip ministry oriented bands with the ability to offer their music as a free gift) and are preparing to release their 5th (and best) album as a completely free high-quality download through

for more on our decision read this:

On September 21st, 2010 the band will return to Radiostar Studios in Weed, California to record with Sylvia Massy (who has worked with Tool, Johnny Cash and Prince to name a few) and the creative team behind the Showbread albums “No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical”, “Age Of Reptiles” and “The Fear Of God.”

Our vision is to create an amazing album and then give it away as a free gift. Our band exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and create unique, challenging art intended for those who do not share our beliefs as much as those who do. For years Showbread has been known, loved and hated for its originality as well as its bizarre nature among other bands, frustratingly obstinate approach to art and controversial and uncompromising vision. Over the years we have received thousands of emails and been approached by countless individuals who have detailed amazing changes God has made in their lives by using albums made by the small and imperfect folks in Showbread. The hope Showbread holds for this album is that it can inspire and be enjoyed and experienced by anyone willing to click a link instead of only those willing to pay for it.

In order to turn this vision into a reality, we need your help. We are making an album in a prestigious studio with an acclaimed producer, in the past there was a huge record label to foot the bill. Now in order to make an album of the same quality with the same team, we sincerely need help from anyone and everyone who believes in our mission of truth, love, humility and service in Jesus Christ as well as the art He inspires in our band and uses for His kingdom.

This record depends on YOU! without your support this grand idea for a free Showbread album will not come to pass. For the first time in a decade, Showbread has complete creative control over the creation, manufacturing and release of this album, and we have big plans to make it exciting.

As a thank you for donating to fund our album we’ve prepared some great gifts and opportunities. Please think and pray over the decision to donate, your support literally means the world to us. Thank you!

ALL DONATIONS will be given a membership at the forum, including the “exclusives” section where Showbread posts rare, advance and unreleased content.

If you’ve already donated through paypal at, you will still receive the gift you were promised there. If you donated more than $20 there and would like one of these gifts that applies to the amount you donated, write us at with the name on your donation and tell us which gift you’d like your donation to be applied to.



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