Taking on Poseidon is dropping Daydreamer in early November, but today they’re putting out the lyric video for their hammer “Serpents.” Vocalist Matt Fourman said of the video:

Life is grey. A lot of grey. What little color that there is is taken away by things that shouldn’t matter as much, but still make life not feel like it’s worth living. Set yourself free and focus on building a new life of your own. Don’t try to live a life you read about in books or drummed up in your head. Don’t let people tell you that you’re messed up, because you’re not, you’re just under construction.

Daydreamer will be out Nov. 4 and is available for preorder now.



Droning On

The world came to a halt in 2020, but London-based Drones trudged on, giving a voice to the hurt that circulates with (or without) a pandemic: "You shouldn’t underestimate the power of writing things down or literally speaking them out loud, which I’m learning. I’m glad I made these songs, no matter how personal they are."


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