The Living’s album, Healing Hands, is set to drop March 29, and today HM is proud to premiere the new single from the album, “Beloved.” The album will be the first release from the Atlanta-based band, formed in late 2015. We spoke with vocalist Grant Butler about the album.

“Our album, Healing Hands, largely deals with songs that lyrically express my longings and struggles to God, while in turn, He responds with truth, love and reinforcement of who I am in Christ. The song “Beloved” is approached just as passionately, but deals with a much different subject. (The song) is directed to women that are caught in the sex industry and how our society — myself included — have fed that industry. I came to revelation that these women need help, that they are lost and they need love. … Through this song, and this entire album, we believe God is going to catalyze change in someone’s life. Even if only one of our songs facilitates a meeting place for a single person, then we count all of our work as a worthy cause.”

The band will be playing an album release show in Athens, GA on March 19.



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