In an attempt to get me to use as many apostrohpes as I could in a headline, Josh Scogin and his new band, ’68, are now taking pre-orders for a second 7″ vinyl printing of the Midnight EP. Managing Editor Rob Houston explains:

“So after an hour of Velvet Press’s website being overloaded with a zillion people trying to order ’68’s debut 7”, Midnight, I finally got my hands on one, though many fans did not because they were at school or work or could never get past the checkout page. Josh’s good friend, “Chris No Sleep,” the owner of No Sleep Records, loved the 7″ so much, he asked if he could do a second pressing of the 7″ with a Nirvana Bleach-era tribute alternate cover.”

Move fast! Who knows how long these will be available.

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Droning On

The world came to a halt in 2020, but London-based Drones trudged on, giving a voice to the hurt that circulates with (or without) a pandemic: "You shouldn’t underestimate the power of writing things down or literally speaking them out loud, which I’m learning. I’m glad I made these songs, no matter how personal they are."


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