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Physical CD copies are available at Hot Topic, FYE, and Hastings.
Or pick them up digitally:
Phinehas – thegodmachine: iTunes, AmazonMP3, and Napster.
A Past Unknown – To Those Perishing: iTunes, AmazonMP3, and Napster
Here is what the press has been saying about Phinehas – thegodmachine:
“…they have that intangible quality that so many bands lack, which, when combined with a group of seriously talented musicians, creates a very impressive complete package (9/10).” Under The Gun Review

“I am at a loss for words on just how incredible this new release from Southern California metal(core) band Phinehas truly is … I really believe that this album “thegodmachine” will help put both Red Cord Records and Phinehas on the map in not just the ‘Christian’ market, but throughout the music industry … imagine Haste the Day mixed in with some old Atreyu and you’ve got your band (10/10).” Indie Vision Music

“Once in a great while there is a band that comes along who gives you goose bumps because of how disgustingly talented they are. Phinehas is one of those bands … Although it’s only July, I’m saying right now: thegodmachine by Phinehas is the best album of 2011, hands down! (10/10).” Christian Rock Rocks

And some praise for A Past Unknown – To Those Perishing:
“A Past Unknown … really [brings] the heat by unleashing brutal track after brutal track … certainly well rounded enough to please a wide range of listeners. A Past Unknown [has] a lot of talent that should be observed, and To Those Perishing just proves it to those who didn’t already know.” Hails & Horns

A Past Unknown’s vocals fit so perfectly with the music, and they complete each other in such a way that has been missing in metalcore for some time (8/10). Christian Rock Rocks

Phinehas is currently on the Red Cord Records Tour with Not One Is Upright, playing shows in Ohio and Indiana. Their next show is scheduled to be on July 21st at The Auricle in Canton, Ohio. Phinehas is also scheduled to play with Spoken later in July.
A Past Unknown is currently on their CD release tour, traveling from Arizona to Virginia. Tonight A Past Unknown is scheduled to play at The Perculator in El Paso, Texas with A Hero Remains.
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