Help Open Doors support Nigerian Christians?

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In Jos, Christians awaited in abject fear after an announcement that over one hundred suicide bombers, fully armed, arrived in their city last Saturday.

With that terrifying news and recent attacks where churches have been burned and many killed, Christians bravely decided to join their congregations and worship the Lord on Sunday.

The outcome? 65 Christians killed.

More than a thousand people were displaced as their homes were burned to the ground.

Nearly every Sunday, Nigerian Christians face attacks as they attempt to worship God. But in spite of knowing attacks are likely, these brave believers still attend.

“It is only God who knows what can befall this city at any moment. Brothers, do not get tired of praying for us,” pleaded our local worker.

Your prayers and support for Nigerian Christians have never been more critical.

Help Open Doors raise $77k to support Nigerian Christians.
Your gift provides training to Nigerian Christians who want to reach their attackers with the Word of God, as well as safe houses for Christians on the run from extremists.

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