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One Body—Many Gifts Top 25 Contestants Announced

We first want to thank the more than 100 artistic people who submitted entries to theOne Body—Many Gifts contest. There are so many awesome expressions of writing, art and video. And today we are excited to announce the 25 entries that received the most “votes.” They are:

  1. Lament for the Nations
  3. Beautiful Bride
  4. One In The Body
  5. Praying for You
  6. Dispersed Throughout the Nations
  7. Power When On Our Knees
  8. Broken but Redeemed
  9. One With Them
  10. Stand Strong Through the Storm-song
  11. Believe
  12. pray for the persecuted
  15. The Suffering Live For Christ
  16. One in Spirit
  17. Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden
  18. Hebrews 13:3
  19. For Us
  20. Alone
  22. The Secret
  23. Black Walnut and White Oak Pulpit
  24. Childlike Faith
  25. Good News from the Living Stones

Congratulations to these 25 artists who are in the running to receive:

  • First prize: A mission trip to visit persecuted Christians
  • Second prize: A trip to either Washington, D.C. or Santa Ana, California (your choice), to witness Open Doors in action on behalf of persecuted Christians
  • Third prize: A complete Brother Andrew library of his English-speaking books and tapes

If you haven’t voted for your favorites yet, it’s not too late. On October 27 we will announce the top 10 entries. You’ll have two weeks after that to vote again, then the top three winning entries will be revealed on November 10.

Remember to get your friends, family and churches to pray on November 11, theINTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER FOR THE PERSECUTED CHURCH.


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