Multi-artist Project Aims To Encourage Believers
To Stand with Israel During This Important Season of Decision

iStand With Israel CD CoverCity Of Peace Media has announced today’s release of iStand With Israel, a 12-song, multi-artist project. The CD features worship music by City Of Peace Media recording artists, including American worship artists House of Peace, the new modern worship band set to debut in 2013 with Grammy and Dove Award winning producer Ed Cash; Dove Award-nominated CCM artist John Waller; critically-acclaimed modern worship artist Jordan Elias; Covenant Award winner and Dove Award nominee Sean Spicer (with special guest Tilly Cryar); and international worship leader Ted Pearce. The CD also features worship artists from the land of Israel — Shani Ferguson, Karen Davis, and Marc Chopinsky. All of these artists share a common call to share God’s heart for Israel in these important days.

“The United States of America and the nation of Israel share a common foundation — both were built on the cornerstone of God’s Word and the shared Judeo-Christian faith and principles of our forefathers,” says City Of Peace Media President and Founder, Yochanan Marcellino. “For Christians, the modern nation and people of Israel represents more than just a democracy in the Middle East, or an ancient civilization that God once loved…Israel represents fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, our spiritual heritage as believers, the roots of our faith and our heavenly inheritance. The modern nation of Israel is a picture of the sovereignty of God and His faithfulness in keeping His covenants. This critical hour in which we live demands solidarity with and support of Israel on the part of Christians everywhere.”

“This is a year of decision,” says Don Noes, City of Peace Media Chief Operating Officer. “As Christians and Americans, we must ask ourselves a very important question: Will we turn away from the Biblical foundation on which our nation was built and by which we’ve been blessed? Will we turn our backs on the nation of Israel, or will we stand with her when it seems the rest of the world is her enemy? As it says in Genesis 12:3, God promises to bless those who bless His chosen people, Israel.”

Because worship has always played a critical role in preparing the spiritual atmosphere for a move of the Spirit of God, City Of Peace Media offers iStand With Israel as a means of preparing the spiritual atmosphere in America for God’s people to awaken to God’s heart for Israel.

“God is using worshippers to prepare the hearts of Christians everywhere to turn their hearts back to Israel, where it all began,” says Marcellino. “The iStand With Israel worship album features artists who have an understanding of God’s heart and prophetic purposes for Israel, and reflects God’s unfailing love and faithfulness to His people, both Jew and Gentile.”

iStand With Israel contains powerful songs of adoration, including the beautiful contemporary hymn, “King of the Universe” by House of Peace; songs of praise, like Marc Chopinsky’s “Baruch Atah Adonai (Blessed Are You Lord);” and songs of encouragement, such as the “Al Tiru (Fear Not)” by Karen Davis, with its compelling amalgam of contemporary and ancient rhythms. Jordan Elias’ earnest passion permeates the spiritual love song, “Beloved” and the uplifting ballad, “Rejoice.” Shani Ferguson shares her own intimate ballad with the Song of Solomon-inspired “Garden of Secrets.” Ted Pearce brings his award-winning Holocaust remembrance anthem, “The Forgotten People,” while John Waller issues the classic challenge from Bible verse Joshua 24:15 (Choose this day who you will serve) on his declaration hymn, “As For Me And My House.” Sean Spicer joins forces with Tilly Cryar (daughter of CCM pioneer, Morgan Cryar) on the jazz-inflected “A Thousand Generations.”

iStand With Israel is being released through City Of Peace Media and distributed to the Christian marketplace through Provident Music Distribution and to the mainstream through Sony. For more information on City Of Peace Media and iStand With Israel, visit

About City of Peace Media, City of Peace Films and Galilee of the Nations Music:
City of Peace Media was established in Nashville in 2009, with sister company City of Peace Films, by Founder, President and CEO of City of Peace Media Yochanan Marcellino. City of Peace Media record labels include City of Peace Media and Galilee of the Nations Music, with a roster of artists that includes John Waller, House of Peace, Sean Spicer, Jordan Elias, Teresa Scanlan (Miss America 2011), Calvin Jones, Karen Davis, Ted Pearce, Marc Chopinsky and Jerry Marcellino.

The primary focus of the companies is to provide a framework where music, films and video with “redeeming value” can be developed, produced and distributed worldwide, bringing a message of hope, love and encouragement to this generation.For more information about City of Peace Media or City of Peace Films, visit or follow City of Peace on Twitter (@copmedia). For information about Galilee of the Nations Music, visit or follow Galilee of the Nations Music on Twitter (@galileemusic).


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