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Andrew Latham has been making electronic music as mayfairgrin for a number of years. While the styles vary from one recorded project to another, the quality is consistent. One might hear ambient, industrial, experimental noise, or, as in the case of Surface, all of the above. As the subtitle suggests, Surface to Air is a collection of previous Mayfairgrin tunes, this time re-mixed and re-worked—and with pleasing results.

Complete with obscure movie speeches, worldbeat samples, and the occasional inclusion of all out weirdness, the sounds Latham creates would be deemed electronica, yet this isn’t really dance music. Yes, there are danceable beats, but they’re generally overlaid with ambient soundscapes. In fact, at times this is similar to yesterday’s acts like Ambient Theology or Bubblebaby Experience. Still, the material on this collection is much further out there. In a good way, of course. It’s the sort of music you’d want to put on while you relax in a very long, very hot bath (Available from


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