The Making of Rock Stars

Tour and Reality Show

Everyone wishes they could have been there to see their favorite band “Make It”. Now fans can be a part of the journey as “The Making of Rockstars” showcases the real life struggles of musicians as they navigate their way to becoming Rock Stars.

Premiering on National Television, while at the same time hitting the road on their journey to become successful,

our unrelentless band “Machina” gives us
an exciting interactive view of life as a “Rock Star”.


A unique blend of national touring, reality television and internet interaction makes this reality series a unique opportunity. All three promotional vehicles are designed tostrategicallymarkettheothers. Thetouringvehicle includes an in-house film crew and editing team that will be creating and posting continous content to keep fans engaged and tuned in.

Sponsorship opportunities include:
• television and online product placement • 15, 30 and 60 second television spots
• online webisode “brought to you by:”
• Unsigned Rock Band Clip of the Week

provides sponsors web placement on television • online commercial spots
• live stage banner placement
• product giveaways and contests
• specialized promotional packages

We love to get creative. How can we use your product to make noise?!


Follow these two bands in a VH1 Behind the Music style docu series on their first national tour before they’re famous.

We follow this incredible rock band as they head out on a major
US tour, trying to become Rock Stars. Much like American Idol and America’s Got Talent, America will have a vested interest in these guys and their personalities and get a first hand, never before seen view of what it takes to try and be a rock star as they head out on tour. Just finished with recording their debut album “To Live and Die in the Garden of Eden”, Machina is ready for the road.

Comprised of former members of “Evanescence” and “Future Leaders Of The World”, “Machina” will do anything they can to climb their way back to the top of Rock N’ Roll.

Jar – supporting band
Imagine a 19 year old Jim Morrison/Robert Plant/ Roger Daltrey/Kurt Cobain Writing for a 15 year old Jimmy Page/Pete Townsend/Tom Morello on Guitar, 18 year old John Entwistle/Bill Wyman on Bass and a 19 Year old John Bonham/Keith Moon/Mike Portnoy on Drums while still pulling off the lead vocals at the same time, much like Micky Dolenz (the monkeys).


Our plan to syndicate “The Making of Rock Stars” has provided us with the greatest outreach for potential viewers, while retaining the highest earning potential from advertisers.

Our platform currently has a reach in excess
200 million viewers
(based on station nielson numbers) and over
70% of key US markets.
All top 20 markets
These syndicated stations include the Fox, CBS and ABC networks as well as several independent stations across the country.

The true power of this vast outreach is the integration with online interactivity and the tangible personal connection viewers can have with the Band.


The real story will be told online all the time, while the bands are on tour. It is here where we can truly experience the creation
of “reality television”, as our heros face daily challenges, get into ridiculous situations and relay their struggles through interviews and daily uploads of edited video highlighting their journey.

Integrating the Tour and Television with an Online venue where fans are able to be a part of every experience creates a viral and engaging phenomena.

Fans will be anticipating the band’s every move as they roll into town ready to prove that they truly are Rock Stars.


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