Tuesday, September 7, 2010

“And when the night is cloudy
there is still a light that shines on me. Shine on until tomorrow, let it be. I wake up to the sound of music
Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.” Let it Be / The Beatles

Something about life I’ve learned in the past month is that just because you move away doesn’t mean your problems stay put. Although it’s been beyond amazing seeing my family and friends back home, I’m also so overwhelmed with stress. I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my mind off of everything but inevitably it’s time to face it all and get things cleared up so I can get on with the rest of my life.

I’ve been listening music non-stop lately– Dr. Dog, Whiskeytown, and the new Anberlin to name a few. There’s nothing quite like getting home after a stressful day and putting on a CD and getting lost in the lyrics for awhile.  While I was at Border’s working on my feature today I found myself with my iTunes on shuffle and finding myself in a nostalgic state of mind during more than one song. Each holds a different memory and feeling to go along with it and that’s what keeps it in the running for “Most important thing in Brittany Carter’s life”.

Friday September 3, 2010

“Long you live and high you fly and smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry.
And all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.” Breathe / Pink Floyd

This past week has been quite the whirlwind. Not even sure what exactly a whirlwind entails but nevertheless the last few days have been full of driving, iced soy lattes, two Ben Kweller shows, emotional breakdowns (I’m a 19 year old girl, c’mon!), a trip back HOME and of course lots and lots of writing.

Since deadline is quickly approaching I’ve been spending most of my time on my August Burns Red and The Wedding features. So far so good and I can’t wait for the finished product. When I interviewed JB from August Burns Red the other day, he expressed his excitement about the new live DVD and it was so evident how proud he is over the finished product. Make sure to pre-order your copy here.

The evening after my ABR interview I headed to Threadgill’s to shoot the Ben Kweller show. (Still need to develop the film!) If you aren’t a fan of Ben Kweller’s music than I genuinely believe something may be wrong with you. The whole vibe of the show was very laid-back and throughout his entire set the crowd was dancing and singing along to every word and after announcing that Austin was indeed the greatest city in the United States the crowd went wild.

Now that I’m home it’s time to squeeze in time with as many people as I can, walk down Brookside,  and finally eat some Hideaway pizza! I’m especially excited to see my best friend Alaina and have an awesome girls day filled with catching up, Starbucks, and sushi. Not only that, but it’s been far too long since my entire family has gotten together for a delicious, loud, laughter-filled dinner together. This needs to and will happen sooner rather than later.

Wednesday August 26, 2010

“If you can’t get behind your own life, get behind the driving wheel. And go, just go. Find a place that you don’t know.” -Penny on the Train Track / Ben Kweller

How in the world is it already Wednesday? This week has flown by and been full of coffee shop searchin’, car rides, quality time with Fuentes, photo editing, news posting, and books. On Monday Doug asked me to start reading The Day Metallica Came to Church by John Van Sloten and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. At first it was hard to really get into it because I was getting distracted by everything but then I went to a park near UT and sat outside with an iced soy lattee and almost knocked the whole thing out. So far I’m loving the way he makes connections with everyday pop culture topics and the word of God; it’s eye-opening to say the least.

I’ve also been spending a borderline ridiculous amount of time at coffee shops lately. I enter with all intentions of staying a couple of hours or so and next thing I know the sun has gone down and the shops about to close. Anyways, this post is pretty scattered, as is my brain lately. The only thing constantly running through my mind is how badly I want to be traveling, but what’s new?

P.S. Today is my 8-month anniversary as a vegetarian! I can’t believe it’s almost been an entire year. Time flies, that’s for sure.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Me: Are you working on your intern diary?

Megan: No… how to kill spiders…


The Wedding

The Wedding

Oh, Sleeper

Oh, Sleeper

Project 86




Brian "Head" Welch

To check out more photos from FortyFest, as well as previous photos I’ve taken, check out my Flickr account.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

“I promise to never stop trying if you all promise to never stop trying…” –Brian “Head” Welch

FortyFest was a definite success. Although the heat was intense, it never seemed to phase the band on stage, and the crowd danced and jumped around all day as if they were telling the sun they wouldn’t let it effect their good time in the slightest.

After arriving to the Speedway around 9 a.m. we set up the magazine stand and walked around the grounds to get a feel of what the day would bring. By 10 o’clock there were already hundreds of people setting up their lawn chairs and umbrellas in front of the stage anticipating a day jam-packed full of music to begin.

When 10:30 struck the clock Don’t Wake Aislin took the stage. The five piece walked out in coordinating outfits and from the first chord played the audience was hooked. Not only were the vocals incredibly powerful and raw but the chemistry between them was obvious and effortlessly conveyed through their performance. After playing a few songs their vocalist, Deena, started to speak about The Red Thread Movement, an organization created to raise awareness about the severity of sex trafficking across the world. Holding up their arms proudly waving their red bracelets in front of the crowd, she spoke about the importance of not turning your back to this situation, because it is an avoidable crime if the world would simply open their eyes to the danger of what’s going on around them.

After their set was finished we decided it was time to seek shelter in the media tent and get cooled off. Let me just say, I am so grateful for that tent, the free water, and whatever that contraption was that blew out the cold air—if you were there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. A couple hours passed, we filmed a few interviews for the website and then it was time for The Wedding to play. First of all, The Wedding’s intro was hands down one of the best of the day. It was hard at times to stay focused and keep taking photographs because I truly just wanted to stand back and watch the performance. Their vocalist, Matt, encouraged the crowd to start a circle pit and 30 seconds afterwards there was a giant cloud of red dirt circulating up and around the front of the stage and some kid bashed his head in. Hardcore? I think yes.

The Wedding’s performance seemed to set the bar for the rest of the bands playing that day because Oh, Sleeper, Project 86, Pillar, Emery, and Decyfer Down all nailed their sets. Walking around the grounds of the festival you noticed lots of dirty feet, excited fans, equally excited parents, sunburns, and water bottles in each hand. Back in the media tent though, one topic was constantly in discussion— Brian “Head” Welch. Everyone, including most of the bands playing the festival, were pumped for his set and his presence around the tent was definitely known and its safe to say everyone was a little star struck– Not because he was pretentious in any way, but simply because of who he is. In fact, after meeting him it was obvious that he was a very warm personable person and genuinely wants to get to know the folks around him and make them feel comfortable.

Once eight o’clock rolled around everyone from backstage and around the festival grounds alike made their way up to the stage.  The sun was setting around us creating a serene atmosphere, and boom! The lightshow begins, the heavy bass comes in and next thing you know you’re watching Brian Welch himself waving his signature hair back and forth with heavy force and jumping across the stage. Everyone was simply in awe throughout his entire set. Between his music, pieces of his inspirational testimony and discussing the tragic events involving The Deftone’s Chi Cheng, everyone’s heart was open and and anticipating what would happen next. What happened next was beautiful and somewhat surreal. Twenty-five hundred people chanting Chi’s name over and over, some of them not even aware of who he is or what exactly happened to him, but instead coming together as a community and praying over someone who truly needs it. In that moment I knew FortyFest was much more than a music festival, it was in fact a community of people coming together to surround themselves with love, and what’s greater than that?

The finale of the festival was nothing short of grand, and despite the fact the crowd had been in the sweltering heat for ten plus hours, you would’ve never known judging by their energy and excitement levels. RED took the stage at nine forty-five and for an hour and a half played their hearts out in front of a very receptive audience. After RED played their demanded encore, it was time for everyone to pack up and go wash the seventeen layers of dirt off of themselves. All in all it was a very fun-filled and busy day full of incredible music, the presence of God, and meeting some pretty awesome people. It also forced me to remember why I am in this industry to begin with, and that’s not such a bad thing to be reminded of every once in awhile.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

“Boys, you must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. Thoreau said, ‘Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.’ Don’t be resigned to that. Break out!” John Keating / Dead Poets Society

My immune system hates me. My entire life I’ve always been prone to getting sick, and I know that once my throat starts to even feel scratchy I’ll have strep throat within 48 hours. Prime example: Senior year in high school on the annual ski trip. About eight hours into the fourteen-hour bus ride (yes, fourteen hours on a bus with your best friends, principal, and teachers) I started to feel dizzy and my throat was killing me. At first I ignored it and tried to suppress it with vitamin C and Airborne which as I should’ve expected, did nothing. Luckily, one of my teachers came to the rescue and took me to a doctor’s office the day we arrived, only for him to tell me I was running a fever and needed to rest. REST? I was in Breckenridge with my entire senior class and I’m prescribed rest. Needless to say, I was devastated and am still bitter towards my immune system to this day. All this to say that the other night when my throat started to hurt I instantly knew I would get sick and BAM! It hit me like a ton of bricks on Tuesday morning. After a few days on antibiotics, numerous cups of hot tea, and questionably too much sleep, I’m feeling a little bit back to normal.

On Saturday Megan and I are going to be doing some video interviews and taking photos at FortyFest in Dallas. The lineup is pretty solid and I’m especially excited because I love the overall atmosphere at a festival. You know what I’m talking about. Off the wall outfits, loud music from the time you get your wristband until you drive away in your car, $5 water bottles, no cell phone reception, and a beautiful farmer’s tan as a souvenir.  In addition to all that, I’m also pumped to finally meet Bianca! Since I’ve read most of her intern diary from her time at HM, I feel like I already know her but it’ll be a good time to hangout at the show. Now it’s off to bed so I can be 100% for Saturday’s Texas heat and whatever else the day may bring.

Monday, August 16, 2010

“Let me be your everlasting light, a train going away from pain. Love is the coal that makes this train roll, let me be your everlasting light.” -Everlasting Light / The Black Keys

One thing I’ve learned to love about the office is the constant inconsistency when it comes to the music played. In an hour you hear everything from Metallica, to the Arcade Fire, to Austrian Death Machine, to Eminem. And that’s just blaring out of Doug’s office. Megan and I have learned by now that Doug’s speakers are louder than ours and whatever we’re listening to is quickly drowned out by the song of his choice. Luckily, he has pretty good taste in tunes so we hardly need to complain.

Today I started to get my questions together for the August Burns Red piece I’m writing for the upcoming issue. Since they’re releasing a live DVD/CD and not a full-length, I’m curious to see the direction they’re headed musically. Other than nailing down those questions, I mostly spent the day e-mailing publicists for interviews at 40 Fest this weekend and posted news to the website.

Around eight o’clock Megan and I decided to go into town. First, we washed our cars just in time for it to rain. Fabulous. Then we had the bright idea to try this awesome barbeque restaurant that has appeared on Food Network and whatnot (despite the fact I’m a vegetarian). In the past I’ve never had a problem ordering at steakhouses because they had somewhat of a variety when it came to salads and vegetables, but not this place. Meat, meat, more meat with a side of meat. We sat down for two minutes, scanned the menu, looked at each other and pretty much knew it was a no-go. Four miles around the corner we found ourselves in a booth at Outback, starving and ready to order. After our meal we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few groceries before going home. Exhausted, ready for bed and stuffed, we went through the aisles grabbing the essentials for the week—pickles, cheese-its, bananas, apples, cereal, and milk. Driving home all I could think about was crawling into bed knowing in fact I couldn’t because I had to write this and take a hot shower (emphasis on hot since tonight I discovered it’s my bad the showers were always cold and not just a “glitch”.) Now that this is out of the way, though, it’s time for bed. Finally. Brain shutting… off.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

“I don’t go tanning tanning anymore because Obama put a 10 percent tax on tanning. McCain would never put a 10 percent tax on tanning. Because he’s pale and would probably want to be tan. Obama doesn’t have that problem. Obviously.” -Snooki

Three things. 1) I’m officially another year older. 2) Could it BE any hotter in Texas? (Chandler Bing voice) and 3) Jersey shore….????????

My birthday this year was unlike any other. Partly because I wasn’t surrounded by my family and friends and also because I just realized I didn’t have any cake. In years past my birthdays consisted of pedicures or shopping with Gee and Aunt Shelly, hanging out with the girls, and a big dinner. This year on the other hand, there were lots of text messages, phone calls, voice mails, and wall posts on Facebook. I almost wanted to wear some kind of ribbon or tiara around town so people would know it was my birthday, but that seemed like a little too much. I’m definitely not complaining, though, because I’m another year older, healthy, doing what I love, and happy as can be. Not much else a girl could ask for on her birthday.

Before arriving to Austin, I pictured spending my days outdoors shopping, riding my bike, and eating dinner on the patio. Well, boy was I wrong. It is so ridiculously, miserably, and unimaginably hot here. No exaggerations. I’ve always been partial to autumn, but never in my life has the heat seemed to bother me so much. I’ve never been so ready for the cool air to blow in, not to mention football season, boots, hoodies, and camping!

Since it’s so hot I decided to seek shelter from the rays and go see Eat, Pray, Love. While I was getting ready I turned on the television and Jersey Shore happened to be on. Having never seen an episode, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Within the first five minutes I was hooked. Watching Snooki try and say “I have the hiccups” while on the phone with her boyfriend was enough entertainment for a month in my book. In all seriousness though, is this real life? No offense to the tanned and toned Guidos and Guidettes out there, but SERIOUSLY? I will credit the show with teaching young people across America a whole new breed of slang—G.F.F., fist pump, G.T.L., shirt before the shirt, and stage five clingers. Google them.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Michael: You want to be in charge?

Gob: Yeah.

Michael: You want to deal with what I deal with? A sister who takes your money and throws it away. A mother who you can’t trust. A company whose founder may be on trial for treason. Is that what you want?

Gob: What kind of vacation time does it offer?

ATTENTION EVERYONE: MY BIRTHDAY IS IN TWO DAYS! Despite the fact I’m only turning 19, which is a bit of a boring age in my opinion, it’s still a birthday nonetheless and a reason to get glamorous and spend way too much money on sushi.

My dad may be coming down this weekend to hangout and see the city, which would be such a blessing! I’m starting to miss my family back in Tulsa. (No Gee, I’m still not ready to come home.) If you weren’t aware, I have a pretty ridiculous family but only in the best of ways. They’re always in your business, telling you to be careful of this, or don’t do that, un-afraid to let you know EXACTLY what they’re thinking, and most importantly they’re there for each other one hundred percent.

Today at the office we finally started to discuss the November/December issue—possible cover stories, albums to review, feature ideas, things of that nature. Despite the fact the magazine is going through a tough time, we’re planning on pushing forward and putting this issue out.  I truly hope the readers of HM are continuing to pray for the magazine because it needs all the prayers it can get. Ever since I can remember, HM has always been my go-to source for new music and what’s up in the Christian music scene, and it’s really hard to imagine not being able to go to Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy whenever I’m itching to find some new tunes.

On a lighter note, I introduced Megan to the world of Arrested Development the other night…. And she LOVED IT! As a veteran viewer of the show, there’s no greater feeling than introducing someone into the lives of the Bluths. Partly because you want to quote it all the time and have someone understand, and partly because you truly know their lives will never be the same. I’ll never forgive our country for being so stupid and not catching on when they had the chance. The Office, the Schmoffice… ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT FOR LIFE.

Monday, August 9, 2010

“I woke up today feeling my age and the sum of everything I’ve ever done, and either I just got kicked in the teeth, or time has changed me.” I Woke Up Today / Owen

Seven o’clock arrived far too early this morning. Megan and I looked at each other after our alarm went off and both wondered out loud how Doug did it everyday. Then, to our surprise, we both got text messages saying he was running a late today. Being the hard-working interns we are, we both decided to sleep in a little longer.  Next thing I know I hear Biscuit walking around outside my bedroom and distant voices from the kitchen… oops. I looked at my clock and it was only 9:00 and despite the fact I was named Queen for the day, I decided it was probably time to get up and dive into my second week.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

“First they built the road, then they built the town. That’s why we’re still driving round and round. And all we see are kids in buses longing to be free. Wasted hours, before we knew where to go, and what to do. Wasted hours, that you made new and turned into a life that we can live.” Wasted Hours / The Arcade Fire

How is it possible that it’s only my fourth day here at HM? I feel as if I’ve already been here at least a month. Not because I’m homesick, definitely not because I’m bored, but because since day one I’ve no downtime. (This is in no way a complaint, FYI) The past couple of days have been full of writing, cruisin’ around my new city, good music, coffee, and getting to know Megan and Doug. Yesterday was technically my second work-day at the ranch and there was plenty to do. Mostly I worked on the new HM App for the iPhone and proof-reading Doug’s interview with Nat from 3Oh!3. The vibe around the office is super chill and I love that there’s constantly music audible from anywhere. I mean, it’s a music magazine so what else should I expect?

Around 3:30 we started to get ready to head to Emo’s for the first of The Devil Wears Prada’s back to back dates. The interview was scheduled for around six, so we left pretty early to make sure the traffic gods were on our side. We arrived on time, found some prime parking, melted outside for a bit while handing out HM Subscription cards, watched Doug nail the interview, and then headed off to explore 6th street before the show started. Doug, Megan and I walked a few blocks down the street taking in the sights until we came to a street corner where I saw a large green BUC peaking through the tree. This could only mean one thing… Starbucks. We stopped so I could get my usual iced soy latte then headed off to some pita place to get a bite to eat before the show. While we were there we talked and talked about our favorite bands, relationships, and how there was a giant pool of guacamole in Heaven. (Personally I think it’ll be queso, but whatever.)

After our adventure up and down 6th street,  it was time to head back to the the venue. Now, for those of you who have ever been to Emo’s, you know what it’s like on the inside. HOT. Not like, “Oh, man it’s warm in here” hot, but rather, “did someone turn the heat on 90 and seal every door and window shut” kind of hot. Luckily the bands played tremendously, so you barely noticed you were drenched in sweat until between sets. I won’t lie, it had been a cool minute since I’d attended a hardcore show, but I used to be a veteran back in the day. That being said, I wasn’t planning on being too impressed by the bands on the bill (Your Demise, Miss May I, and TDWP) but I honestly was. From the time the show started until TDWP’s final of two encores the energy level was a 10 out of 10 in that room. During Miss May I’s set, their vocalist even told the crowd of 300 that their circle pit blew California’s out of the water. (Which of course only resulted in the kids going even crazier.) The show ended around 11:30 and then it was time for Megan and I to head back to the ranch. We talked the whole way home (not to mention the entire way to the show) about the most random things you could imagine– Family, sushi, dream interpretations, seeing God through nature, and about how we couldn’t wait to melt into our beds and sleep. Once we got home it was time to wind down for a bit then off to dream world.

Today was my first “day off” and I decided to sleep in until about 9:30. Shortly after I woke up, Tornado stopped by to chat with us over some coffee. Now, I had previously read about Tornado through other intern’s diaries, but I had no clue about the angel this woman really is. We talked for about an hour and then she had to head off to meet up with her daughter for lunch. I look forward to spending more time with her and getting to know her a bit better, not to mention try her “ooey gooey coffee cake”. (I know, right?) After our morning chit chat I went to take care of some things in town and buy some groceries since I’ve been living off of coffee, PB&J’s and yogurt since I arrived. Now that I’ve checked (mostly) everything off of today’s to-do list, it’s time to put on The National and r.e.l.a.x.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

“I move on to another day, to a whole new town with a whole new way. Went to the porch to have a thought. Got to the door and again, I couldn’t stop. You don’t know where and you don’t know when. But you still got your words and you got your friends. Walk along to another day. Work a little harder, work another way.” –The World at Large / Modest Mouse

Change is something we all must learn to accept. Actually, let me restate that. Change is inevitable, so we can either accept it or not. Growing up, I always thought of myself as someone who adjusted to change very well. The realization of the opposite was when things actually started to get shaken up. (Enter the cliché story of the difficult transition from high school to college.) Anyways, after high school, change hit me harder than Ray Lewis at the line of scrimmage. I went from seeing the same faces everyday for fourteen years, to sitting in a college classroom with people who didn’t know my obsession with Chris Martin or how much I loathe the Yankees. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy and I knew that it was time for… you guessed it, change.

That change brought me, Brittany Carter, here to HM. I’m in a new city, away from all my friends and family, and for the first time in my life I’m focusing on what I love 100%. Scary? Yes. Necessary? Definitely.

When I arrived on the ranch for the first time, Megan (the other new intern) was there to greet me. Right away it seemed like we would get along wonderfully, and my seven-hour drive from Oklahoma was quickly put to shame after learning she drove all the way from Pennsylvania! Without hesitation we both went inside so she could give me a tour of the place. Obviously I was most impressed by Doug’s collection of CD’s in his office, but the other treasure was all the back issues of HM I’ve been waiting to get my hands on! The offices were much like I had already imagined, and just sitting in there for a minute I got a little glimpse of what the next few months will bring.

Tomorrow should be exciting because it’ll be the first time I actually meet Doug. From everything I’ve previously read about him I have a pretty good notion that he’s a totally down to earth dude who truly loves music to his core—and who doesn’t want that in a boss? Not only that, but I get to meet his dog Biscuit and finally start getting to work on the next issue!

I have no idea what kind of change the next few months will bring, but that’s almost half the fun. All I know for sure is I’m going to be working hard, surrounded by exceptional people, and listening to the best music every step of the way.


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