Intern Diaries: Laurel Erickson

(Summer 2008)
Excerpt: September 29th Today is my last day working with Doug and tomorrow is my official last day here :(…

Intern Diaries: Levi Macallister

(Summer/Fall 2008)
Sunday, October 26, 2008 The Last Day Well folks. I don’t know where the time went. Granted, I slacked…

Intern Diaries: John McEntire

(Spring/Summer 2008)
Here a-come the last train leavin’ blues It’s been my last day here and I’ve enjoyed every second of…

Intern Diaries: Haley Glasco

(Winter/Spring 2008)
3/28 Well… this is my last intern diary. I know I’ve said this before, but I feel like this…

Intern Diaries: Jenn Smith

(Summer 2007)
07/21/07 I think I am hitting the road as soon as I am done typing this. It is so…

Intern Diaries: Amanda Curtis

(Summer 2007)
7.21.07- All our stuff is packed away, the house is vaccuumed (what a funny word) and smells nice. The…

Intern Diaries: Kelly Benson

(Summer 2006)
08.29.06 Whew. Well, I just finished packing my car and I’m ready to go. I guess that means my…

Intern Diaries : Rand Renfrow

(Summer 2006)
08/09/06 today was awesome. i mean what’s better than forming a band, having a photo shoot with that band,…

Intern Diaries : Sam Farries

(Fall/Winter 2005)
Thursday, Dec. 15th, 2005 Tomorrow is my last day here in Austin and at HM, it’s just now hitting…

Intern Diaries : Frances Schoonveld

(Summer 2005)
Wednesday, August 3, 2005 My last day as an intern for HM Magazine has arrived and I’m just finishing…

Intern Diaries : Tim Hallila

(Summer 2005)
Tuesday, August 2, 2005 The end has come my friends…but not without a bang! Last night after dinner, Frances…

Intern Diaries : David S.

(Summer 2004)
7.23.04 Today was a great day, and it was also my last. We wrote and recorded two blues songs…

Intern Diaries : James

(Summer 2004)
Thursday, July 8, 2004 And that’s all folks. My internship is up, and I’ve got nothing but good things…

Intern Diaries : Colin

(Spring 2004)
Colin Hobbs (actual photo) 05/19/04 three more months and I’ll be 22. three more months and I’ll be on…

Intern Diaries : Jonathan

(Summer 2003)
The Intern Diary of Jonathan Nolte: Friday, 1 August, 2003 This has been a crazy busy week, and I…

Intern Diaries : Bonnie

(Summer 2003)
The Intern Diary of Bonnie Plott: Friday August 1, 2003 Wow- deadline day is here. I can’t believe it…

Intern Diaries: Daniel

(Summer 2002)
name: daniel markham age: 21 hometown: rotan/lubbock, tx school: texas tech university marital status: single, but accepting offers. currently…

Intern Diaries : Nari

(Summer 2002)
Nariman Sakafish 8-16: “Gone But Never Forgotten….” that is going to be the latest title for me before I…

Intern Diaries: Jeff

(Summer 2002)
Jeffrey Ellinger Age: 21 Hometown: Freeman, SD School: South Dakota State University Major: Psychology Marital Status: Single, oh yes…

Intern Diaries : Chris

(Summer 2002)
Chris Rose Age: 18 Location: Austin, TX Education: The University of Texas Major: Radio Television Film E-Mail: Website:…

Intern Diaries : Justin

(Summer 2002)

Intern Diaries : Amanda

(Summer 2002)
Amanda Leas 21 years old from Fresno, California attending California State University, Fresno majoring in mass communications and journalism,…


Imperial Triumphant - 2021

Alphaville’s Metal Renaissance

With influences that span Miles Davis and Stravinsky to Geddy Lee and Les Claypool, jazz metal force Imperial Triumphant is the epitome of genre-bending. HM contributing writer Andrew Voigt spoke with the band about their unique style, the massive bass presence in their music, and the rise and fall of civilization.


Photo by Alex Krauss

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Atreyu- 2021

Atreyu's Baptism

At their core, Atreyu is a hard rock band with metal riffs and pop choruses. Now, after more than 20 years, the band has stepped boldly into their next chapter with a change in lineup and an album that proves the lifeblood of Atreyu is stronger than ever.


Photo by Ashley Osborn

Full Feature
Heaven's Metal: An Oral History of the Genesis of Christian Metal

Heaven's Metal

When rock emerged from blues and 'heavy metal' began to surface, faith-based metal acts also rose to start their own journeys. Initially shunned by both believers and non-believers, they were fighting for their spot at the table, ultimately building a legacy that would go on to change the genre forever. HM presents an oral history of the beginning of Christian metal music, featuring Guardian, Tourniquet, Holy Soldier, Whitecross, and, of course, Stryper.


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