Hope Kills Fear has joined together with the singular goal in mind of crafting emotional, thought-provoking songs to spread a message of hope, faith, strength and perseverance. The band was founded by vocalist Carley Coma, former lead vocalist of the critically acclaimed metal/rock/fusion band Candiria, voted one of Rolling Stone magazine’s best metal bands. Carley has put in the roadwork by sharing the stage with acts like KillSwitch Engage, Clutch, Pantera and Motorhead to name a few. Carley is joined by; Julio Arias (guitars, vocals), Joe Fazio (bass) and Steve Richards (guitars, vocals). 

The band was formed in New York City, in September 2007. The members strongly identify themselves as Christians and feel strongly about pursuing and promoting the band’s career in a manner that is consistent with their beliefs. They are known for their energetic live performances and are currently focusing on playing venues all across the U.S 

The bands name originated from a fan of Carley’s who was battling Cancer. The fan expressed to him how Carley’s lyrics gave him the strength to go on and to never give up hope. Carley read the quote on the young man’s myspace page and saw the words “Hope Kills Fear”. 

Hope Kills Fear has been known for spending long hours in the recording studio going over every aspect of a song until the message and the music are one in the same. “We’re focusing on writing songs that deliver a strong and powerful message, songs that inspire and resonate with the listener”
-Carley Coma, Metal Edge Magazine.

The band’s song “Save Me” is currently being played on Sirius satellite radio and has received significant praise from the press. “Save Me” continues to be added to the playlists of online radio stations across the U.S. Fans and radio Program Directors alike share the same enthusiasm for “Save me,” stating how excited they are about the music and how that particular song speaks to them personally. 

Metalsucks.net had this to say about Hope Kills Fear, “Big wall of sound guitars and undeniable hooks mixed well with swirling atmospheric guitars and dense vocal layering. Definitely one to watch out for!” 

Hope Kills Fear has arrived and is ready to be heard by those will listen. What Hope Kills Fear is doing represents what could possibly be the next evolution in rock music!

What is the short story of how your band came to where it is today?

Joe: Hope Kills Fear was formed in September 2007 with one common goal: Spreading the word bout our faith in God. We immediately began writing songs which eventually became our EP, with Mike Barile of Sweetfire Studios in Brooklyn NY. We put a ton of time in writing and recording and now we’re working on gigging out as much as possible. We recently got back from recording our new single, “Waiting”, with Travis Wyrick (POD, Pillar, The Letter Black) and more recently playing Kentucky’s Harvest Jam 2010 with Brian “Head” Welch and Inhale Exhale. We’re presently working towards getting out on the road full-time.

What bands inspire you guys musically?

Joe: Musically we’re definitely inspired by a vast group on musicians. I’d say first and foremost; The Deftones, Linkin Park and Flyleaf. But it doesn’t end there. Each one of the guys have a love for music that spans from everything from metal to jazz to progressive rock.


Carley: I observe the life experiences of others, as well as my own and put them into words and melody. According to our Christian faith there is a spiritual explanation for everything we go through. Writing from spiritual point of view hopefully provokes our fans to think about their existence and why they are here. 

What are your goals and immediate plans, etc (what’s happening)?

Joe: As of now we, are exploring new ways to evolve our sound and stage performance. We’ve started introducing new effects into our songwriting to help enhance our live set and recordings. We’re looking forward to taking this project out on the road full-time and gigging out as much as possible. As of now we’re in the process booking shows up and down the east coast. 

Who plays what?

Carley Coma – Vocals/Programming

Joe Fazio – Bass

Steve Richards – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Julio Arias – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

EJ Luna – Drums



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