Swedish pop-punks Out of My Way are proud to drop a new acoustic cover of Neck Deep’s “The Beach is for Lovers.” The track is being released as a double single with the band’s original “Why She Left,” with the latter single is taken from the band’s EP, Whistleblower.

We spoke with bassist and vocalist Tobias Eriksson about the cover:

The idea of dropping a cover of “The Beach Is For Lovers (Not Lonely Losers)” by Neck Deep was kind of random. Me and Christian (Gehlert, guitarist and vocalist) recorded it about a year before we started Out of My Way as part of another project that later ended up never happening. When we recorded the acoustic version of “Why She Left,” we decided to re-record some parts of the Neck Deep cover and make some small changes to make it a little more “us.” Since we all thought it came out pretty well, we decided to include it as a B-side.

The single continues the band’s growth as promising up-and-comers in the European pop-punk scene, with the single “Built to Last” has recently been added to Spotify’s Skatepark Punks, alongside a host of the leading emerging names in the genre.


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