Collin Simula used to be the drummer for Symphony in Peril, but his new band, Maranatha, has him front and center. The duo, completed with Jack Huston on bass, is releasing the first single from their upcoming album, Filth, with HM today. Simula spoke with HM about the track:

Filth is an intensely personal record for both of us. We’ve been digging deep into our own hearts and minds, trying to purge darkness from ourselves. This song, ‘Heroes,’ is a great example of that. I’ve had a long string of people in my life, people I’ve looked up to and confided in, and, all in a row, they turned out to be huge disappointments, wrought with lies or darkness of their own. This song is exploring that intense feeling of betrayal.”

The album will be out July 24 from New American Records. Preorders are available now at MerchNow.