Today, HM is proud to premiere Emery’s newest single, “The Less You Say,” as part of the band’s inventive plan to release their entire new album, You Were Never Alone, via podcast. All in all, there are 12 tracks on the band’s upcoming full-length album, due out May 19 from the label they own, BC Music. Emery band members Matt Carter and Toby Morrell are in the midst of a new podcast launch called Break It Down (iTunes), dedicated to the stories behind the songs, with the first 12 episodes the premieres of every track on the band’s sixth studio release.

Carter and Morrell both agree on one thing: This is the best song on the album. Carter spoke with HM about their favorite track.

You might not believe me, but I am so thankful to have people enjoying this podcast.  I was nervous about trying something this different and am overwhelmed by the response. What’s more, this song is actually my favorite on the entire album. Toby says it is his as well. It feels like an old school me song and something we would have tried to write in 2000. It has the perfect blend of Toby’s and Devin’s vocals, and it has some guitar parts that just plain tickle me to listen to and play.  I hope you enjoy it at least partly as much as I do.

As the members of Emery wrote, recorded and toured, some of them remained committed to their call-it-like-it-is Bad Christian podcast (and accompanying brand), which had skyrocketed out of the gate after its launch in 2013. They were able to begin BC Music with the infrastructure they created with Bad Christian, also dipping their toes into publishing and remaining committed to a cutting edge approach to the music industry.


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