Fallstar is back on the scene. Today, the band drops “Waiting,” the first music video for their upcoming full-length, Sunbreather. The album marks the band’s return to Facedown Records having last released an album with the label in 2013, Backdraft, before Kickstarting the independent release, Future Golden Age, in 2015.

Consisting of three brothers – Chris, Bryan, and Jeff Ratzlaff – and drummer Morgan Weisz, Sunbreather will be the band’s first release in over five years. The single marks the Portland-based band’s third single from the new release, following on the heels of “King Lazer,” a takedown of police brutality.

“We live in Portland and have been personally gassed and terrified while protesting against the killing and lack of justice for black lives in our country and our community. Raised in a Christian worldview, we parallel the struggle for racial equality and the struggle of Christ.”


Speaking on Ryan Lane’s podcast Life Gets Hairy, Ratzlaff expanded a little more about where the record is going. On the first track released from Sunbreather, “SSRI Feel Better Already,” Ratzlaff admitted his trepidation with posting a song about his issues mental health – that before tackling global, far-reaching issues with police on the second single. He would go on to sum up his worldview and approach to writing this new music:

“I love Christians, even if they hate the things I say or believe. I have so much compassion for that. I totally get that worldview. I don’t want to hurt people or throw them off their path. Or, if that’s working for them, I’m not trying to destabilize that. … I have that same reflex: I want to give a lot of context before I speak. I’m not trying to kill someone’s vibe.”


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