Dreaded Dale

Today, HM is proud to premiere the new lyric video from Dreaded Dale for “Psalm.” The Kentucky-based metalcore band – with a touch of self-described “preachcore” – released their Wayward EP about two years ago, following it up with EP number two, Fallen-Fractured Planet, in October 2019.

Now, they’re releasing new music to the world again with spoken-word forboding track “Psalm.”

We spoke with vocalist Mikey Root about the track:

“Psalm is a spoken word metalcore track based on the 91st chapter of the book of Psalms. This chapter is crucial for every believer, especially in this season we’re facing as a country. We hope each of you enjoy it, but even more we hope you take hold of the message behind the song and that message brings you peace and blesses you!”

You can jam the band’s material over on Spotify.


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