Decayed Existence recorded their first three-track demo in 1992, and today, a quarter of a century later, they’re dropping new tunes. The band, drawing influence chiefly from their old-school death metal contemporaries (Death, Sepultra, Kreator), has reemerged on Rottweiler Records with a new release on the horizon. Today, HM is proud to premiere the new lyric video for “Cursed.”

“As a band, we are super excited to have such a great label in our corner. As musicians, we are a bunch of garage-dwelling meatheads. Seeing our music set to such a cool video with such high production and quality? Well, let’s just say these meatheads are doing the happy dance. There’s a lot of high-fiving in the garage.”

Founding member and percussionist, Harry Rocco, decided to put the band on hold and focus on himself, developing his Christian faith. It became a new center for the message of Decayed Existence. 1997 saw the band release their first religious release, In Due Time, which was quickly followed by Violent by Design, serving as Decayed Existence’s final release under that line-up before other members moved on to other projects.

Rocco moved back to Shasta County several years later, and Decayed Existence was reborn in the mid-2000s.


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