Floridian extreme metal act Death Requisite is proud to premiere the music video for their latest single, “Redemptio Per Deicide,” here on HM. The band formed in 1999 but took an extended hiatus, regrouping in 2010 with a new . The band released their debut album, From Death to Life, in 2001, and now, 15 years later, are ready to unleash their sophomore full-length, Revisitation. (The band has also released four prior EPs, the latest of which, Second Death, came in 2013.)

Dave Blackmore, founder and the only remaining original member of the band, had this to say about the band’s future:

“As fans and bands of the more extreme metal genres are moving more toward the style and expressions we have been developing in recent years, the time is right for a Death Requisite paroxysm! We believe we have a lot to offer the metal community and we are anxious to move forward.”

In an interview with Twinmusix, the band discussed the way they saw their sound evolving: “There are elements we intend to keep, like the big symphonies and the melodic death metal riffs, and there are some new things we would like to try. We have already been questioned about why Revisitation sounds different from the last two releases, to which we say that we don’t want to make the same record over and over.”

The band is currently signed to Rottweiler Records.


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