Careful Gaze

Today, HM is proud to premiere the music video for Careful Gaze’s new track, “Rainbows.” The song comes from the band’s LP, You Too Will Rest, released this past summer.

The theme of the album is centered on eliminating the obvious hatred/bigotry in our society but also the less-apparent forms of it that pop up in everyday interactions. We spoke with Careful Gaze vocalist Gabe Reasoner about the track:

“Rainbows, specifically, is about people that grow up oppressed by their family and friends for not adhering to their expectations.”

Careful Gaze vocalist Gabe Reasoner

Reasoner also wrote into HM to talk more extensively about the track.

Ultimately, I wrote this to do two things:

  1. Encourage those going through situations like this that they are not alone, and they should not hate themselves based on the opinions of other people. Learn to love yourself and take care of yourself first, even if that’s not easy. Feedback from loved ones is important but can also be unhealthy depending on the situation. You have to decide how to express yourself based on what is right for you. This may mean you lose some people. If they are your true supporters and what you are doing is not harmful to yourself, they will stay with you even if they do not agree with all of your choices.
  2. Remind the friends and family of people in this situation to be cautious. Don’t get so wrapped up in your own ideals of how someone should look, dress, act, who they should love, etc., that you beat down or destroy someone else. The time for black and white labels in these sort of situations has passed. We are all humans here for a reason. Ask yourself how much the smaller details matter before you ruin someone else’s life for your own beliefs or preferences.

The video was directed by Dillon Bauman Imagery.


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