An Elegy is a death/metalcore quintet from the United Kingdom, and today HM is proud to debut the band’s first music video for their song “Ghost.” The song comes from their upcoming EP, Embrace the Rain, scheduled to be released on July 27. An Elegy has spent a year working on their material and recording the EP, and will release it independently this summer.

We spoke with the band about the song itself:

“‘Ghost’ is but an insight into the mind of our vocalist, Sam, as he expresses, through his lyrics, the struggle he faces from past experiences which haunt him. (Those experiences) have, in fact, completely shaped the person he has become today. ‘Ghost’ is a taste of what is to come from An Elegy, we have so much more to show you. This is only the beginning of Æ.”

If you dig it, you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Love the heavy on a Monday!



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