HM is proud to premiere post-hardcore band To Live as Wolves’ second single, “Stalemate,” from their upcoming EP, Breakneck Road. (“Leech” was previously released in 2015.) The EP was produced by Kevin Billingslea and tells the story of doubt and fear coupled with the struggles of overcoming the pain and burden of day-to-day life.

The band, hailing from New York, draws inspiration from their Northeast roots and from the hardships they’ve personally endured in order to complete Breakneck Road. We spoke with guitarist Mike Shpunt about the track:

“Brandon (Roman, vocalist) had a lot of past hurt and issues he never really was able to get over and hid away from. While going through a transition (and) trying to be a better person, his self-reflection gave him some real insight as to what he was really feeling and what he really wanted out of life. He struggled with these concepts, realizing he’d been living his life governed by his own pain and seeing that the same feelings are what made him to relate to most people. He realized that he wanted to do whatever he could to help others that are struggling just like him. ‘Stalemate’ is a declaration of freedom from his own pain. The spoken word at the end touches on a problem he had that was holding him back for years, and he plans to elaborate on it in future material.”

The EP will be available everywhere on April 8. You can catch up with the band on Facebook or Tumblr.


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