Metalcore band Surpasses recently signed with OnTheAttack Records who will be putting out the band’s debut eight-song, self-titled EP. Today, HM is excited to partner with the band and label to release the first track from the album, “Remember,” free for download and stream. The Redding, CA-based band extends the mission of their lives into their music, existing to “banish the chains of religion and uphold the mantle of love, joy and peace.”

HM spoke with vocalist Dustin Cichosz about the track:

“Ditching music and being manager at Jiffy Lube or something stable started sounding good, a steady job with money I could buy things with. Sure, I was paying my bills, not really having a hard life; however, more money and more stability is always good, right? I realized I’d forgotten who I am. I forgot I was created to fight for what I love and that I’m not a coward. I felt afraid and lost; I still do. I still haven’t figured it all out yet. God reminds me in those times I’m becoming more than I am at that moment. I think forgetting who we are makes us act stupid and selfish. This song is just a reminder to take time to reflect on who you are. Who are you? That’s a weird question to ask yourself as an adult. Who are you? Still figuring that one out myself.”

If you dig the sound, you can grab the album from OnTheAttack or check out Suprasses on Facebook.


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