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Today is the day.

It’s not just a new year, but today is the day you start over. Today is the day you can start shedding your old skin. Today is the day you give up your old life to make the better life you know is lurking inside you, roaring to get out.

For me, I gave up in late February 2013. I had gone to a friend’s birthday party at a local bar, and, as I was accustomed to doing, got drunk. Really drunk. On the outside, I just looked like a guy who could handle his beer, someone who loved a good party. (I had already given up liquor in 2010 because it nearly killed me six times.) On the inside, I was a mess. I drank before I went to the party because I was so anxious in social situations, I was afraid I’d have a panic attack the minute I left the house. By extension, I drank almost any time I left the house.

“Navigating the waters of “quitting” — whatever it may be in your life — is tough. You don’t know where to start. You don’t know the next step to take. Worst of all, you feel alone. The Restore Program gives you that guidance, and it does through the help of people just like you.”

I would drink more than enough on those occasions to make sure it worked; my worst paranoia was those days when, no matter how much I drank, I just couldn’t get drunk enough to mask the anxiety. That meant cancelling plans at the last minute. It meant upsetting my wife. It meant upsetting friends if I couldn’t make their birthday parties. It meant giving up a lot of the things I loved deep inside, like attending sports games, exploring the world through travel, even visiting family.

So the next day I gave up. I gave up drinking. I woke up the day after that party, and, amid my hangover and all the gagging and all the anxiety, I decided today was the day. There was nothing special about that day, I just knew it was time. I woke up past noon, late meeting my wife at a furniture store to look at couches for a new home we had just bought. I was sick from at least 20 beers the night before. (I was drinking 18 a night just to go to sleep.) The hangover itself made me not want to be there. It made me not want to participate in something a husband and wife should love doing together. Instead, I was more on the verge of resentful. I was getting upset with my wife for no other reason than I just wanted to stay in bed until I forced myself up, only to repeat the process again.

HeartSupport’s Restore Program

Restore Workbook

The HeartSupport Restore Program gives you the chance to say, “Today’s the day.” You can give up. You can give up your addictions. You can give up the heartache that comes with it. You can work to restore your life back to normalcy, and this program lets you do it right from your own home.

Navigating the waters of “quitting” — whatever it may be in your life — is tough. You don’t know where to start. You don’t know the next step to take. Worst of all, you feel alone. The Restore Program gives you that guidance. It gives you real-life stories from people in the scene who are just like you, struggling with the same things you struggle with. The program costs $25, and it provides you with the workbook and help you need to get started on a new you. (By using any links on this page, HM takes zero dollars from your decision to start the program. We are not making money by spreading the word about this program. Rather, I believe in the program. I believe it can help change the lives of those that commit, and if one person sheds their demons from this post, it will have been worth it.)

I was so sick. Not just in the literal sense — which I definitely was — but so sick of myself. I couldn’t imagine a day without alcohol. I could barely imagine leaving my house, and, if I had to, organizing it around ways to get drunk and stay that way just to endure a typical calendar day. I had long passed drinking for any type of amusement. I was drinking from compulsion. I hated being out of control of my decisions.

That day was time to quit. It was time for a very real and very serious change. The Restore Program can kick off that change for you. With a small investment, studies have shown that those who invest a little in something are more inclined to give it more of an honest try. “(Any) given day is a fresh start,” Katherine Milkman, an assistant professor at the Wharton School at Penn, says. Twenty-five dollars may not just be a small price to pay, but it may just be the extra incentive you need to keep trying. They even have payment plans if you’re absolutely broke.

Let today be the day you quit. I am now almost three years sober, and, if you’re the one who is no longer in control but controlled by something else like I was, you can take the power back. Restore is here to help you do just that. Everyone deserves a life of freedom, and Restore can be the impetus for that change.