Flyleaf release video for “Beautiful Bride”

Flyleaf have just released a video for the song “Beautiful Bride” which comes off their new album, Memento Mori, which is in-stores now.

A focused fire burns bright at the heart of Flyleaf‘s second full-length album. The platinum-selling Texas quintet’s latest offering is a collection of poignant, passionate and pensive hard rock songs. From the kinetic first single, “Again,” to the touching album closer, “Arise,” guitarists Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartman trade orchestral riffs that seesaw from soaring to searing. Drummer James Culpepper smoothly propels every groove forward, while Pat Seals‘ bass anchors unforgettable hooks. Gliding across this majestic melodic backdrop, Lacey’s vocals build into beauty from pain. Her voice reaches transcendent heights on songs like “Set Apart This Dream” and “Missing.” Flyleaf‘s flame keeps rising…

The band now release their second video for “Beautiful Bride” directed by Don Tyler.  Like the song the video is a riveting rock track centered around domestic instability told through their Memento Mori characters.

Lacey describes the meaning behind “Beauftiful Bride”, “I believe that God made Humanity as a bride for himself and I think that the bride is most beautiful when she’s unified.”

The band are currently on a tour of North America through December.

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Flyleaf are currently streaming their new album, Memento Mori, on their Myspace page. Memento Mori, which in-stores tomorrow 11/10, means “Remember Mortality.” Guitarist Sameer explains, “..because our time is so short, and it comes to an end, we need to take advantage of the time we have now to live the lives we always dreamed of living.” When talking about the album message Sameer mentions, “We wanted the record to be timeless, because the theme of the phrase “Memento Mori” is a timeless theme.”

Flyleaf have recently released a video for the song “Again”, which features the band performing amongst flames and burning embers.

The band is currently on a North American tour through the Fall.

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Flyleaf release Memento Mori, listening parties video recap

The wait is over! Flyleaf have just released their new studio album Memento Mori, the follow up to their platinum selling s/t debut, today! The album features the single “Again” and was produced by Howard Benson (Voivod, Pretty Boy Floyd). On working with the band Benson said, “For me, I like bands that have something they believe in, regardless of what it is, and the fact that they believe in something so strongly is fairly attractive to me”. Guitarist Sameer beams about Memento Mori saying, “We’ve grown a lot as musicians and songwriters…we’ve done a lot of growing up in the last few years, and I think a lot of that comes out in our songs and lyrics. A lot of real life experiences, honesty, and hope”.

The band have also just unveiled a recap video from the Road To Memento Mori listening party dates. During the listening party tour fans were treated to an intimate performance from the band, as well as hear the new songs for the first time.

Flyleaf also shot a video for the song “Again”, which features the band performing amongst flames and burning embers.

The band is currently on a North American tour through the Fall.

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