Demon Hunter’s Ryan Clark and Project 86’s Randy Torres have announced a new band, NYVES, with the attached teaser video. It appears something will be going down on Wednesday, so Like up on Facebook to find out more from the mysterious couple. We’ll keep you posted here, too.

There’s an animated introduction with a spooky, Nine Inch Nails-style, groove-laden beat, a la Portishead. It looks fantastic, as most of Clark’s stuff does, very fitting with his genres.


Ever Eden

The Haunting Sound of Hope

"Ever Eden has been this perfect culmination of us realizing what our journey has been and how to aim that as a message for other people." After years of introspection and coming-of-age, Ever Eden has embraced their own struggles, as haunting as it may feel, to create a community that's turned out to be much larger than the band itself.


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