A Solemn Farewell

The Chariot are dead. Long live The Chariot.

Photo by Matthew Defeo

The photos on this page represents everything I love about The Chariot. It’s reckless endangerment when it could have been wild reservation. As the band made their farewell tour across America, they recreated a version of this picture for you. Pure, raw energy, poured out for those that love them.

That’s hard work. It’s physically exhausting. It’s lonely. Venues all start to look the same. Crowds turn into Jackson Pollock paintings. Soon, they become surreal. After 10 years of that life, even sitting still makes you anxious. You find it hard to connect to anyone.

But they did it. Every single night they played, they did it. They hung from the rafters. They took punches and threw some back. They broke microphones, guitars, strings, themselves. They played for you — and only you — every night they got on that stage.

History may say The Chariot was the best live band of all-time, but here’s the best advice I could give you: Don’t be The Chariot. Rather, be The Chariot’s Heart. Be The Chariot’s because — at the heart of it all — The Chariot was distinctly unique.

Let’s have a million more of that.

The Chariot was posted on December 4, 2013 for HM Magazine and authored by .