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Me, Extinct.

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Full disclosure: This EP is named for a phrase I used in this publication to review Me, Extinct.’s last release.

In the unfortunately disco-less Doomsday Disco, Gorge Goyco concocts a half-dozen explorations in gothtastic electro-industrial alienation, desolation and brokenness, sonically informed by the wobble of dubstep and its reggae-born antecedent, dub, with splashes of brighter timbres interspersed just enough to keep razorblades from one’s wrists (metaphorically, please!).

Save for the concluding “Want To Want,” with its beats-per-minute reasonably within the continuum for dance floor consumption, Goyco treks through some dire, distinctly un-boogie-able dirge territory here. It’s a fine recollection of what a repentant Trent Reznor might sound like in one of his less-commercial alt-rock radio moods. Maybe Goyco was being ironic with the title?

It’s not that yours truly doesn’t appreciate noisiness without a strobe-lit thump, but save for the possibility of Goyco working the aforementioned angle, this seems a bit of an expectation unrealized.


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