The storm is on the horizon and that storm is Children 18:3’s sophomore release, Rain’s ‘A Comin’, which released last week to killer reviews from the media and fan anticipation.  This release also landed the sibling band from Minnesota on Billboard Heatseekers chart at No. 23.  In addition to the media coverage, Children 18:3 also premiered their music video for their single “Cover Your Eyes.” The music video can be viewed here.  Check out what is being said about Children 18:3 and their new release:
“If you are looking for a fun rocker with plenty of diversity and a little something different then Rain’s ‘a Comin will be right up your musical alley.”

“Along comes Rain’s A Comin‘, an intense, melodic and powerful collection of songs that sees the Hostetters leaping forward creatively. The supercharged anthems call to mind the SoCal punk scene as represented by Green Day and Blink-182, but tempered with the mature attack of Jawbreaker.”

— Alternative Press, 3.5 stars

“Children 18:3 sound completely different than any bands on the label, sticking true to their own rock ‘n roll sound.”

Rain’s ‘A Comin’ is a solid effort from a rock & roll band that stands to be around for a long time….Children 18:3 manages to punch a loud, grinding punch. They’re noisy, they’re fun, your kids will love them.”

“The punk rockin’est siblings in the land are back at again with their sophomore label release, Rain’s ‘A Comin’ and this time they take their sound and expand it from top to bottom creating one of the top albums of the year.”

“The wait was worth it! This is the punk album that you wish the last ten punk albums you bought were.”
(Also featured the band on the July 2010 Cover)

Rain’s A’ Comin’ is one of the best rock albums you’re going to hear this Summer, if not this year. And Children 18:3 just confirm that their stellar debut was no fluke. They’re a force to be reckoned with.”
—, 4.5 stars

About Children 18:3:
The trio of siblings on Tooth & Nail Records hails from a rural farming community in Minnesota where the three siblings developed their undeniable glam-rock sound. Children 18:3 is comprised of siblings David (lead vocals, songwriter, guitar), Seth (drums) and Lee Marie (bass, vocals). The combination of male and female vocals along with their unmatched determination is a throw back to the beginnings of Tooth & Nail punk and rock n’ roll.  The sophomore release excels in highs and will leave you feeling inspired to make a difference, to make a lasting change in your world.  Known for their over-the-top glam/punk imaging and devastating live show, Children 18:3 have demonstrated here that they have the sand for a run at a larger audience.  Over the past two years, they have toured with such industry heavyweights as Brian Head Welch, Project 86, The Classic Crime, Norma Jean, and Haste The Day.


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