Chicago alternative hard rock trio CHEVELLE is celebrating the release of their sixth album HATS OFF TO THE BULL, today, Tuesday, December 6 via Epic Records. HATS OFF TO THE BULL is charging full-speed ahead and garnering early critical acclaim (see soundbites below). The album’s first single “Face To The Floor” continues its ascent at radio nationwide reaching #1 at Active Rock and Top 10 at Altternative Rock radio. BILLBOARD magazine stated, “’Face To The Floor’ delivers nearly four minutes of the cathartic alt-metal fans have come to expect from Chevelle. This time, though, the band wants to stir their minds, not just tempers.” (11/19/11)

Check out more critical soundbites for CHEVELLE:

“On their sixth album Hats Off To The Bull, Chicago’s thrash ‘n’ burn trio Chevelle gets high marks for the track ‘Face To The Floor,’ a powerhouse head-banger that would make the Occupy Wall Street protesters mosh without pepper-spray. The tune’s loopy melody has a very Metallica feel, while the lyrics spit in the face of Wall Street greed, corporate corruption and power-hungry robber barons ready to stomp the little guy. The rich may get richer, but the poor get to rock out.”

–Dan Aquilante, NEW YORK POST, 12/6/11

“On their sixth full-length album, ‘hard alternative’ band Chevelle continue in the vein they always have: taut, intelligent, multi-layered rock led by Pete Loeffler’s trenchant vocals. On Hats Off To The Bull, however, The Chicago trio swings for the fences in more ways than one. Loeffler’s sense of outrage on this album is incandescent at times. First single ‘Face to the Floor’ is an anti-corruption anthem fueled in particular by the Madoff scandal and other Wall Street shenanigans. ‘Clones,’ an even more incensed track, flat out rocks and could easily have been the first single.”

–Bob Doershuk, DRUM!, January 2012

Hats Off To The Bull is pure genius, and possibly their most ambitious work to date. Lead singer Pete Loeffler’s dark and deep lyrics are brilliant; each song is so personal, almost as if he is sharing his weaknesses, and exposing the demons that he wrestles with on a daily basis to the world. Musically, Chevelle has taken a grand leap forward with this album. They experiment with instruments and traverse sonic landscapes that they have never traveled before… This album brilliantly combines the sound that has earned Chevelle not only plenty of radio play, but also a massive fanbase, and new and unexplored sounds that are sure to impress even the most hard nosed critics. With Hats Off To The Bull, Chevelle have once again proven that they are the kings of hard rock.”

— Caleb Hicks, AUDIOPINIONS.NET, 12/1/11

“…this new album has made a place for itself on my list of top 10 best rock albums of the yearHats Off to the Bull is easily Chevelle’s best work to date…It puts audiences straight on their feet at the start of the album with its anthemic song about the corporate greed of Wall Street and Bernie Madoff, ‘Face to the Floor’, and proceeds to take them on a full throttle adrenaline rush from then on.”

— Phillip Sayblack, WNCT, 12/5/11

“Chevelle are a band that feels organic and honed where other bands feel stagnant and dragged down. It’s the heaviness that fuels Chevelle… reaching a fist-to-face intensity…’The Meddler’ is one of the best on the album. Its siren-like guitar climbs are backed by a powerful stomp of a beat, with Sam Loeffler keep the pace with a colossal motion and some of the most pounding drumlines ever heard in the band’s extensive catalog…What makes the lyrical content in Hats Off to the Bull so poignant is that they’ve made anger beautiful. They’ve made the crunch of guitars and fissure strikes of drum beats into something portrait-esque and well worth listening to… brings back why the band has been so memorable over the years… a fine throwback to one of modern radio rock’s most iconic groups.”


Catch CHEVELLE on the road:

Tue 12/6 Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theater
Thu 12/8 Los Angeles, CA Jimmy Kimmel Live! *Performance
Sat 12/10 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre-KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas
Wed 12/14 Austin, TX La Zona Rosa
Thu 12/15 Tyler, TX Click’s
Fri 12/16 Biloxi, MS Mississippi Coast Coliseum!/ChevelleInc


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