Blue Like Jazz | In theaters April 13
Sell-Out Audiences and Fan Demand Push Blue Like Jazz To Expand Into New Markets Nationwide

Looking at sell-out crowds in urban and art- house theaters, the much-triumphed film Blue Like Jazz continues to expand into new markets this week. Anticipation is building over widespread critical acclaim for the film, as well as its impact on cultural dialogue as fans rally around the movie and form community groups to get it onto screens in their cities.
Blue Like Jazz opened on 136 screens upon its nationwide release on April 13, and will expand into 32 new markets on Friday, April 20. The following cities are those included in this week’s expansion (click on city for theater information):
The film is generating buzz among fans and critics alike, many of whom are applauding Blue Like Jazz’s heart throughout the media:
“It tackles existential struggles that many of us grapple with – and the film industry virtually ignores – while doing so in an entertaining way. “
San Francisco Chronicle
“This is a rare bird, a sincere movie about Christian faith.”
New York Post
“It steadfastly refuses to demonize.”
Boston Globe
“Witty, provocative and life-affirming.”
Paste Magazine
“Just earnest enough to blend its religious theme with a beer-chugging hero for a surprisingly contemporary look at faith.”
USA Today
“…the film is very visually accomplished, with handsome compositions, labored-over art direction, and constant employment of the titular hue.”
“…gets the atmosphere of intellectual curiosity mixed with know-it-allness just right…It’s a story that needs to be told”
Washington Post


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