Billy Corgan recently did an interview with Monita Rajpal for CNN’s Talk Asia, where he spoke about his feelings on the unexplored territory of rock and roll, and his answers were insightful and interesting. Watch here, or read the summary below.

He started out by saying:

I don’t think suffering is good for business. Crazy is good for business; I don’t think suffering is. … At some point you have to mature into the deeper work.

Corgan explains that’s not what he’s exploring now, so he goes on to answer a question for the reporter very directly as she asks, “So what are you exploring now?”

God. I once did a big American magazine feature called The Future of Rock, (and) my answer was God. They say, ‘Social security is the third rail of politics in America,” well God is the third rail in rock and roll. You’re not supposed to talk about God. Even though most of the world believes in God, it’s sort of like, ‘Don’t go there.’ I think God is the great unexplored territory in rock and roll music.”

So what would you say to Christian rockers?

Make better music. Personally, my opinion is that I think Jesus would like better bands. And now I’m going to get a bunch of christian rock hate mail.

The Billy Corgan-fronted Smashing Pumpkins most recently released Oceania in 2012.

via CNN