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Big Kettle Drum makes easily-digestible roots rock music, and they have never sounded better than on Nantucket Circle, the trio’s new EP. While the act keeps its lyrics fairly simple and straightforward, it sometimes comes up with words that are pure genius. For instance, the chorus to “Old Yellow School Bus” beautifully paints the picture: “Like the driver of an old yellow school bus / She carries dreams half-grown.”

Brant Christopher is the driver of this sturdy, old time-y vehicle, which mixes together acoustic instrumentation (even including banjo) with primitive, yet inspiring, percussion. With the five songs on this EP, Christopher focuses his lyrics on keeping hope alive – sometimes against all odds. Dreams that are seemingly just out of reach, for instance, are addressed with “Mr. Wishing Well,” while Christopher leans on the everlasting arms of God during “Holding Me Up.”

If you enjoy the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, but also need a little more lyrical spiritual depth, Big Kettle Drum’s Nantucket Circle packs a mighty fulfilling punch.

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